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first pics of 07 z750-updated

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by xoraak, Oct 23, 2006.

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  2. i like it a lot..... kinda look like insects. but with wheels. mean insects with wheels. *raaaaaaaaaaaagghgggghghghg*
  3. I hope the pics are real because the bike looks hot and they addressed the biggest problem I had with the previous model - that stupid LCD tacho. I've always liked the style of Z1000/750 and I think 750cc is the perfect size for a bike engine, plenty of power but not silly like the supersport literbikes. But I just could not get past that display! Also, I heard some less-then-complementary things about its suspension, but mostly I just couldn't deal with that one silly thing.

    If these pics are real, Z750 moves right to the top of my list of potential bikes to get...
  4. If those pictures are correct- MAN OH MAN what a sweet bike :grin:

    usd forks on a naked 750 :shock: , fixed up the instrument pod by the looks of it, gotten rid of that oh so boring exhaust on the current model...

    and a perfect engine size! (for me anyway)

    This is the first bike I've said to myself 'I will buy it new' if it comes out :grin: :grin:
  5. By the looks of it the change is simply to an exhaust with a catalytic converter to meet Euro emissions regs. It is good to see a manufacturer realise that a lot of people do want analogue instrumentation - especially when it comes to the tacho. Definately an improvement over the previous model, might have to check one out when they're released.
  6. so what is the RRP OR????

    I had the zed in mind before but now I am drooling cant wait to get my ass on one.

  7. ...hopefully the price doesn't hike up too much from the current model.

    If kawasaki sticks to the 11k +orc price, I reckon it would sell by the crap load!

    If pics are correct, the new goodies have to be paid for somehow though.
    Gonna be a tough few months waiting to find out...
  8. I don't get it, can you all see the instruments from so far away?

    exhasut looks so much better, four into one though? :thinking: would have been nice to see the indicators built into the fairings at least the front ones. like the er6f. still looks like the same old swing arm... :(

    love the side and 3/4 rear profiles. and top marks for green paint.
  9. I like the current one. This one looks just dressed up.

    the exhaust looks silly, the radiator surround gaudy. The frame bits around the engine look sussepable to a crash and the seat looks too kicked up, like those dumb english streetfighters.

    The rest looks good.
  10. The rest? whats left? lol

    I cant see the instrument panel either but I have to admit the LCD panel was a strong selling point for me, I like the mod cons....but then I had heard it was hard to see in strong sunlight?
  11. I like it! Ducati 695 or ER6n be damned, I'll take one!
    Don't wrap it, I'll eat mine now! :p
  12. Yeah thats hawt, i was super keen on getting a 05 or 06 model, just run in and saved a couple of grand but maybe they're gonna have to twist my arm into getting a new one.. I know you can get a current one for 60 bucks a week on finance which isnt too bad.. I like the green colour, looks like a bit of a twist on the old kwaka green.. WOnder how much faster it is??
  13. The green colour looks a little funny in the photo but I reckon it would look great in better light! I have to say I like the old one better, not as much bling factor. I would remove those stupid gold pipes though and replace them with duel staintunes.

    Overall that bike has drool potential.
  14. No one has even mentioned the ABS brakes yet!?
    Take a look at the silver one with the front on shot, you can see the ABS sensor aswell as the letters ABS on the front wheel guard.
    Still reckon it'll stick to the $11k+orc? I doubt.

    Not my thing, but i'm sure there'll be lots of happy riders out there.
  15. Yeah i doubt it too.....if it does then it will be a bloody fantastic buy.

    However, Considering that it now has Wave rotors front and Back, Adjustable USD suspension and ABS brakes........i highly doubt it will retain it's original price!

    Personally i think it looks ok, but i much prefer the looks of the original......Who cares if the original had a boring exhaust.....this bike is a platform for custom street fighterising.
  16. The mark of a smart manufacturer is one that has an overlap in parts over it's range. For example, a smart move would be to use the same rotors as half the rest of it's range with the same calipers. USD suspension is LONG overdue as it's been in common use on most advanced bikes since 1997 (and on my bike in 1992!).

    Also worth remembering is that silly things like wave rotors cost no more to manufacture than conventional shaped rotors. It's just a CNC mill cutting a specified pattern out of a sheet of metal. Yeah, i guess the extra 40 seconds of cutting time to make the pretty shape might up the price, but then the cutting machines probably got faster over the last 5-10 years so that's negated.

    One of the reasons i like my bike so much is because the parts are exchangable for a HEAP of other bikes! I can source brake components from R1's and Ducati 996's, i can source suspension components from GSXR1000's and ZX9R's. I can source EFI replacements for my carbs from a GSXR or an R1 aswell! My rear rotor is the same as the front rotor on a couple of the Yamaha cruisers!
    The point is that in the early '90s bike manufacturers were getting smart and making one part for their flagship bike then using the same part on as many other bikes as they could! These days alot of manufacturers are almost proud that every part on their bikes costs an arm and a leg, is made of titty-tanium (rarest metal on earth!) and is only used for one year of one model of bike! :wink:

    /end rant.

    ... and now a little more on topic...
    Hooray for Kawasaki for not putting the same fugly pipes on the Z750 as they did on the '07 Z1000. Incase you haven't seen them they look like TWO of the ugly GSXR1000 phallic pipes on EACH side!
  17. edit: Now the forum is gigittying itself i'll delete the double post. :grin:
  18. Errr, this 2007 Z1000 ?


    edit for spelling z1000 wrong <sigh>
  19. Not very well, but in this one shot they are visible enough to see they are changed from the current model; actually I would say it is the same instrument pod as on the 2007 model of Z1000