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First Person View of Police Chase, South Africa

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Julles, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. #1 Julles, Dec 4, 2015
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    See the video here:

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  2. All I can see is an add - no video - no link?
  3. And this is why I live in Australia now, geez just pop off a few mags while mobile no problem....
    Good shot though, quite a few holes in the car. But it's the ones that missed you've got to worry about.
    Notice no gloves - cos you can't handle the pistol properly with bike gloves on. Trigger interference and hard to load fresh mags.
  4. Here you go

  5. Kinda makes our no pursuit policy a little watery.. :)
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  6. Clearly its harder to hit something with gun whilst moving.

    If it was a Steven Seagal movie he would have used 1 shot which would have hit the driver and ended the chase in about 15 meters.
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  7. It's a tough gig being a Police Officer in South Africa.
  8. Now that's how you do a pursuit
  9. It is actually Boike, around 100 are killed every year. Oh and they knock out about 500 innocent civilians annually as well. It's the Wild West over there...

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  10. G'day everyone,....

    He should have performed a 'Tactical Reload' before running out of ammo in his magazine.
    Also at the end while he was fumbling to change magazine when he got off his bike he should not have broken cover from his bike until he had completed the change.

    Also I will assume the camera on his helmet is mounted so it looks straight ahead (level), while he is swapping out the magazine he is NOT looking at his target!

    Dr Who?
  11. You a copper ?
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  12. Yeah cos riding a bike and switching mags is easy...
  13. He should swop it for an Indian, left hand throttle leaves the right hand free for gun work. Or maybe not. Blazing away while riding seems a bit crazy, especially if no return fire.
  14. Unreal that in a scenario where he was highly likely to have bullets not hit the target (e.g. firing from a moving vehicle at a vehicle that was also moving), he would have emptied an entire clip in a residential area.
  15. I am so looking forward to my three weeks riding in South Africa next year :chicken:
  16. The ideal situation for this is where the target has been neutralised.

    There was no cover to break. Sitting behind a plastic windscreen provides no protection.

    He already had two other officers covering him.

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  17. wow, they don't muck around over there! Many NR members got all hot under the collar about a cop flicking a piece of paper at a bike rider, who ran a police check here recently 8-|8-|8-|8-|
  18. You'll have a ball HeliHeli . Speed limit in freeways is 120 and you'll find plenty traffic doing 140-160 as the norm. Bikers are a keen bunch there, if you're in Joburg for any Sunday see if you can do the "breakfast run" out to Hartebeespoort dam (north west by about 100km) as its a great ride.

    Plus your A$ goes a mile and you'll eat and drink like a king.

    You just need to adjust your personal attitude towards safety and security when in SA though. Australians are generally pretty easy about things like this but in SA you need to be way more aware of your surroundings etc. Don't leave stuff like helmets and jackets in bikes when stopping for anything as they will vanish quicker than you'll believe. Lock everything all the time. Don't flash jewelry or $$ around.

    You're welcome to pm me if you have any queries...
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  19. G'day everyone,....

    Ideally yes if the target was neutralised, but as this didn't happen before his magazine ran out he still should have performed a Tactical Reload as soon as he was able.

    But a solid engine dose provide cover, you will be surprised how much cover it will provide.

    And him out in the open not watching his target helps him how??
    Great that his backup was there but if they were NOT on the ball,....?
    Or if he was crossing their line of fire??
    It could have gone different.

    Dr Who?
  20. ...and he didn't use his indicators!