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First peg scrape.....followed by 4 more!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mav, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Sweet

    was making a quick 90 degree left hander as i normally do when leaving work and felt the side of my boot getting crushed along with an accompanying grind of metal on road and started laughing my ass off. couldn't believe my first peg scrape had finally come!

    didn't mean to do it on purpose, i cornered the same way i have been for the past 2 months and it just happened.

    thought about it as i rode home, then four corners in succession and scraped again at each one. i lol'd at the "ground-clearance" or lack thereof of my baby V, or maybe it's just i'm carrying a few more kilos then when i first got the bike...
  2. My first bike was a Virago 250cc as well and it used to scrape a lot. I thought it was just the aftermarket pipes that were on it, but reading your post, maybe they all do. Other than that, they are great bikes, but it was a relief to upgrade to the bigger (non-scraping variety) Virago.
  3. ..c'mon guys!!... try a little harder!... I pillioned on a Yamaha 1900 Roadliner for a while that scraped it's way EVERYWHERE!!.... Oh!, hang on...maybe it was the fault of the chief pilot!!.... :D

    ... i'm just jealous 'cos I haven't scraped nuffin yet!!.....
  4. Just mind you don't dig it in, or run out of ground cleaqrance on a tightening bend. Or learn what to do if you do.

    That aside, I've always enjoyed grinding chamfers on things and find it hard to comprehend the modern aversion to it :D.
  5. I've scraped the pegs a fair few times on my xv aswell..the first couple times I lifted my foot up off the peg because it startled me