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First peakhour ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chani, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. I rode in peakhour for the first time today, both morning & evening.

    I don't know if it's because everyone's in SUCH a rush to get home or work, heaven forbid you do the speed limit & get home two WHOLE minutes later, but I was tailgated on the way to work & home from work.

    The first time I gave the dude the old look back, but he kept doing it, so to get myself out of possible danger, I ended up riding down the bike lane, just to get away from him, as I wasn't confident he was paying enough attention.

    *insert funny part of the story here* I was all high & mighty, so I decided to split a few set of lights later & I forgot to change down to first & stalled :oops:

    Anyway, on the way home, I was being tailgated again. So I, I probably shouldn't have, I putted along at about thirty, it's a fifty street anyway & the girl starts tooting at me.

    We come up to a round about (side note, I HATE this roundabout, for the reason below) & I couldn't even see half her bonnet in my mirrors she was so close, so I gave her the look, & said something along the lines of "Gee, so you think you've taken up enough room?"

    I notice she is on HER MOBILE PHONE & she starts waving at me, like I'm cRaZy or something. So I took my time at the round about, as I am HALF way through, a bloke in a four wheel drive pulls out from the left, I jump on the brakes & horn at the same time (THANKS LOZ) get to the lights & he at least apologises, to which my reply was "Not a problem mate, just take a better look next time."

    I was already flusted from the "lady" behind me, I was seriously considering pulling over for a smoke to calm down.

    Anyway, get to the bottom of Arden St & the girl behind me gets off my bum into another lane.

    I memorised her number plate via song, the whole way home.

    I don't know if it'd be worth my time filing a police report..

    While I'm here I'd like to say a big fat thank you to Loz & Chengaleng for spending three hours on a Friday night hanging out with me & buddying. It's obvious already that it's done some good. & I did take that damn roundabout splendidly on Monday morning & my turning is getting much better.
  2. Let's do it again sometime Chani, the better you get at that stuff (and swerving, which we didn't do yet) the more you'll enjoy traffic. I love it, it's like a video game.
  3. What the hell were you thinking, you never do that on a bike because one day you'll get someone that will run you off the road! You either speed up or pull over.

    File a police report...waste of time, think of something you can do to stop people from tail gating you and all that.

    Work around them and don't let them work around you.
  4. LOL! I see school has taught you well!

    "There was a f*ckwit on the road,

    Grats on getting through it. You'll start to pick out the gaps, get a bit of guts and make your way to safety rather than getting stuck in front or behind bad drivers. Get out of that zone as soon as you can.
  5. See, that just confims my observations; you guys have got speed cameras and police all over the place and no-one takes a blind bit of notice of the speed limits! Every time I've ridden into Melbourne on the Monash I've been just about run off the road, or under, by everyone from 30 tonne trucks to little old ladies in Corollas, all doing 130+ while I've had my eyes out on stalks looking out for the big bad Victorian Police :LOL:.

    Sounds like you played good, done fine, chani!
  6. I've had my RS125 for 2 weeks now and to be honest i dont think im ready for sydney peak hour yet, everyone i've spoken to said i would be fine but i've seen some of the drivers out there so i think i'll wait a while.

    Congrats on your (un?)successful first trip, can see myself lane splitting on one wheel in no time :p
  7. I dunno Paul, nobody comes up behind me...

    Then again, I do eat a lot of curry.
  8. Hi Chani,

    You'll get more confident, just a matter of time and practice.

    Just a few queries:

    Did you drive a cage in peak hour before now?

    Are you completely comfortable on the bike? Meaning are you fully confident in gear changing/take offs etc?
  9. I live on the Monash and have never been tail gated on the left lane. A few times (whilst talking on the bluetooth headset in an indepth conversation), I've stuck to 80km/h whilst in the left lane, it's never been a problem..

    If you're in the right lane and not going at a speed that follows traffic (usually speeding), GTFO of the lane.. I hate when people do 100km/h in the right lane and get pissed off when people tailgate or overtake them.

    Right lane is fast lane.. Get over it..
  10. Oooookkkkk, LIKE I SAID, I probably shouldn't have done that. I don't really think it warranted you speaking to me like that & I don't much appreciate it. I did post in the Learners section for this reason, to gather POSITIVE feedback. The second two points were fine. Thank you.

    Scottatron: Yeah, I drive in peak hour all the time. The thing is, where I live, is five ks away from the CBD, so it's pretty much the worst part, even though I go a less known way.

    & I'm almost totally confident with my bike, getting there.

    & Loz, sure anytime, almost... Let me know when you're free!

    & finally Chengaleng, it must've looked hilarious me riding down the road nodding away to my new song!

    & thank you everyone else for your feedback :cool:
  11. Hey Chani, no one can see you singing/talking to yourself in your helmet so why not? :cool:

    Good on ya for getting out there in peak hour, stuff the tailgaters, they need to learn a bit of self control and patience.
  12. Nice one with the 4WD mate, good job not getting to know it more closely :)

    I think the caged chickens are a little jealous when they meet bikes in traffic, we can move when they can't...freedom! Just gotta remember not to piss them off as you'll just make them drive worse (bad for everybody), and could be needing them to let you back in later; it's just better to be riding with a positive attitude.

    Before the off, I was cut off a few times, and it made me angry, got the adrenaline pumping...first instinct after fear is anger. After the off I reminded myself that you can't win if you take on a car, so you should expect to have to either run or retreat. Being scared or angry is bad, mmmkay?

    On the weekend I pulled away from lights (left lane) at pretty normal speed to the limit (60), and the tool in a ute in the right lane raced to catch up, then started weaving in and out of my lane right in front of me. For fcuks sake buddy, I'm on a 250 with an L plate on it! :? I don't want to drag, just ride :( I just dropped back and watched him speed off to over 80. Tool. Was upset but shook it off with a laugh and thought 'okay, next!'. Great day's riding after that, phew! ...and had a brilliant run tonight, felt great, getting much more comfortable in traffic, giving the cages a -lot- of room when there's any kind of speed involved; found some empty spots on and around Princes Highway to take some bends at a little more speed and lean...just a liiiittle more each time. Loving it :grin: :)
  13. I am new to riding a bike on the road as well. What is wrong with people? Why do they stay right up my tail when I'm on a bike but in my car they are mostly at a safe distance?
  14. it's peak hour so you have to keep up with the speed limit. imagine seeing bicycle on peak hour :wink: and lane split/change lane if the driver is still tailgating.
  15. You must be one S&%t hot rider with some of the crap that you post, popping one handed wheelies whilst splitting etc :roll: The comments you made to Chani were (I thought) a little harsh on a learner on their first commute in peak hour.

    Anyhoo, sounds like you kept it together Chani, well done for staying calm and making it home. Patience and experience is a wonderful thing, you will improve everytime you go out, good luck with it.
  16. Mainly because alot of people unconciously dont acknowledge the bike is there as concentration is mainly focused on other vehicles or their own in-car distractions.

    Secondly, a bike to a big metal box is no threat if it connects.

    Thirdly, as a bike is so much smaller in size comparision to a car, cagers cannot judge the distance as well as if behind another car. A bike takes up less space & still provides vision ahead to the next car so unconsciously alot of drivers look at other cars infront for indications to slow down etc. If bike slows without showing a brake light it isnt registered to the driver they are slowing as the bike is already seen as "small" and 'no threat" hence they are usually always closer.

    And last, most cagers assume most riders will be quick and nimble regardless if a "L" plate is displayed or not, unless you are on a large thumping cruiser that people identify as "trouble" because of the movies etc then will give space and allow the rider to cruise at whatever speed they like without tailgating.

    PS - Congrats Chani :grin:
    Well done for focusing on your ride & within your limits while still giving it a go.
  17. It will all fit together in time, just keep up the practice.

    I agree with the comments about how melbournians ride, but, (in the nicest possible way) you just have to get over it. Adapt and overcome, nothing you can do, safely, from the back of your bike is going to change there behaviour. If you let them get to you it will effect your riding and cause you grief. Sometimes just getting out of their way by pulling over or changing lanes is all you can do, what does taking a few extra minute matter.

    When you get comfortable on the road, but still wary and vigilant, You'll just smile and shrug your shoulders at some of the antics of peak hour drivers.

    Best of Luck and stay safe.
  18. I said i can do one handed wheelies while lanesplitting? And after i re-read what i wrote it doesw sound like its coming off harsh but its not ment to, just a warning that you don't want to be slowing down on purpose infront of a car because you don't know what the driver of the car is like.

  19. Im sure Cleverlie would probably be a tool of a rider endangering everyone within 1km of him if I ever met him but I agree on what he says.

    In a car, when Im being tailgated, I dont give a fcuk and I DO slow down, because I have a big car, and theres not much a pissant hyped up twig of a teen in a Lancer can do.

    On a bike though, Id either speed up if I can get away, or just pull over. because no matter how tough you think you are, you get nudged by that car, between the car and your bike, you're coming off 2nd best, no doubt.
  20. You say it like i ride dangerously.