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First Peak hour trafic ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bluespawn, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Well guys, my first ride through peak hour traffic. I picked the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. I was a bit hesitant to do it as I only got my L's last week and I had to ride on the freeway for 15mins. Some advice required though. I'm a bit iffy on what sort of gears I should be sitting in, revs I should travel at.
    On the freeway I sometimes was hitting 10k rpm, I have a zxr250, so I know they redline very high, therefore, does 10k really matter to this bike. I like the higher revs as I feel I get more control of the bike.
    Any advice on revs would be great.

    Thanks all.
  2. A friend of mine on his ol' fzr 250 use to cruise around town at 10k rpm, while my cbr 250 would sit at about 8 or 9 on the highway. I mean the bikes are so revvie that they love it. It just used to make me uncomfortable, because going from a cager I wasn't used to hearing that many revs.
  3. Most 250's can be expected to rev very high at highway speeds. My zzr sits on 8000 - 9000rpm on the highway, in top gear. Still, it's happily sat at those revs for hours running.
    You can always change sprocket sizes (down a tooth or two the back, or up one on the front) to decrease the revs you will do at a set speed.
  4. I can't wait to get my 600... I'm cruising my GPX 250 between 10 and 12 thousand RPM anywhere - hiway or general commute. She doesn't seem to mind overly much.
  5. The seemingly high revs won't hurt them, that's where they are at their best.
  6. The seemingly high revs won't hurt them, that's where they are at their best.
  7. So that being said, If I'm sitting in 5th gear at 8K revs on the freeway, there's no real harm in hitting 4th and sit at 10k or so. I admit, it does sound very high reving at that stage, but still only 1/2 way to red line. I guess I'm just a bit paraniod about reving so high. Like LPCIII said, coming from being a cager, not quite used to it.
  8. dont worry about the revs meter, use your ears and learn to feel the bike, there should be a sweet spot where you bike produce the most power, and not much point reving higher than that. Also always use a lower gear than usual in traffic just in case.
  9. That would be no problem at all. The only thing that is effected is you fuel economy, and even that... well your on a 250 so it uses piss all fuel. Just wave an oil soaked rag over the petrol tank and it should take you about 1000 Km's :grin:
  10. Though on the freeway when you are crusing there is no real need for the accaleration that having the power available at higher revs gives you, so I say pop it up to your top gear and save the fuel.

    When I hit the freeway I find i keep the gears low and revs high as i accalerate out, but once I am crusing I push the gears all the way up and just cruse.
  11. just use a gear that lets you ride properly ie can slow and accelerate good enough and you'll be fine. try riding without looking at the tacho and just use what feels right, being a learner your skills are still being learnt so take your time
  12. Buy a VTR, we never know what RPM we are doing apart from BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
  13. When I'm in traffic that's frequently changing speeds or is very crowded I choose the lower gear so I have quick acceleration if needed. If the traffic is that busy and potentially impatient it's better to have your bike a little noisier so even if they don't look for you they might hear you. Go the gear that will give you best acceleration.

    And well done on tackling the traffic!
  14. The only thing I see getting damaged crusing around at over 10k rpm are your ears.
  15. Hrm this thread leads me to believe even more so that my CBR250RR is geared up..
    at 100k's, in 6th gear, it'll sit right up there in the rev range and the speedo will bounce between 110 and 130, but i'm only going 100.

    I dunno, will have to suss it out properly one day.
  16. You would be crazy not to rev it (I was told..) They like to be revved.. So, don't worry about it.. Cruising along the freeway at around 9000rpm if travelling 100km/h..

    I too just started tackling peak hour traffic... Not much advise from a similiar newbie.. but just be alerted at all time.. and stay away from their blind spot...
  17. I wouldn't be too worried about the RPM the bike is doing. What's most important is keeping it in the powerband when you need it. If you are crusing on the freeway there isn't much of a problem dropping down a gear though.

    Main problem is your ears. I've been communting for 13 years on 250's and I think my hearing might be going a bit. Hope the new bike isn't so bad.

    Other thing is keeping very alert. Eventually it becomes second nature, but you have to learn it. Watch all the cars and work out where they could possibly go. Then make sure you aren't in those spots. Blind spots are an obvious one. Also always check side streets, especially when the road is relatively empty. Be careful of cars banked behind someone turning right. They have a tendancy to suddenly pull into the left lane without looking (I've been cleaned up once by that).
    Oh and lanesplitting in stationary traffic is good. If you accelerate away from the cages at the lights you have a nice big space free of traffic - much safer.