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First Pazzo Racing Levers Bulk Purchase for 2008

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kroeb, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    OK its on again. The order will be placed around the end of Jan. 2008 so people can at least get over XMAS and New Year and settle back into work.

    Going by current US dollar rates Pazzo Sets will be around the $240-$250 delivered to your door. Obviously when we get nearer to the order placement date we will get a better idea of how the Aussie Dollar stands and this cost may go up or down a little.

    So what do people have to do for now - just email me your name (real name please and not your handle), contact number (mobile is fine), bike make, bike model, bike year, and the lever type you want to order. My email address is kroeb@gil.com.au

    Please visit www.pazzoracing.com to see what colour combinations and lever lengths are available. Please be advised that some colour combinations may attract an additional cost as they will not be a standard combo.

    It is very important the info you send me be 100% correct - and all the required info is needed so we can order the correct levers for your machine. If you do not include ALL the info required I cannot order your levers.

    Closer to order placement date money will need to be deposited so the order can proceed. I will be personally contacting all those wishing to get some levers to let you know final costs etc. At this stage I will also need your address for delivery (no PO Boxes please).

    Any questions please contact me on 0407 178 159 or email kroeb@gil.com.au

    And for those people that like to have a a biatch about Bulk Orders please read - I do not make money from this order process. The Pazzo Levers are purchased as a bulk buy from an Authorised Dealer in the USA. Why do we get them cheaper? We are only paying ONE shipping fee, so the shipping costs are distributed to each set in the order. This is why the levers are well under what you get them for here in Australia. Everything is above board and legal.

    I hope everyone has a great XMAS and Fantastic New Year. See you all in 2008 ok.

    Ride safe,

    Paul (aka Kroeb)
  2. Hey Paul, I'm interested! I've found these on ebay and they seem to be very cheap too (USD160), although I have no idea of freight values. I assume it wouldn't cost more than USD 50.00 as it is neither a heavy nor a large package. That works out to be the same as what you've predicted for the bulk order, only this would be a single. Am way off on the freight or is this an opportunity to perhaps get them even cheaper on a bulk order??

  3. Howdy Mr.Ed,

    Looks good from that ebay web site - but where you buy your Pazzo Heaven is up to the individual.

    I am just offering a service to get them for people - I am NOT SELLING THEM. People, please understand I am not a seller/stockist of Pazzo Levers - I am just offering a way to get your Pazzo Levers at a better price then here in OZ. Nothing more and Nothing less.

    Where ever you get your Pazzo Levers is up to YOU :)

    Cheers - Paul
  4. Howdy all - hope everyone had a great XMAS and Happy New Year.

    OK - Pazzo Order is gearing up for placement. It's a BIG order (currently at 17 sets). I am hoping to place the order in the first week of Feb.

    Soooooo - this is a last call for people interested, as well as those that have already shown interest - time to send me your info.

    I can not stress enough how important it is for the following information to be sent to me:

    About YOU:
    1. Full name (not your forum handle)
    2. Address for delivery
    3. A contact number (mobile number is fine)
    4. An email address would be nice also

    About the BIKE:
    1. Your bike manufacturer
    2. Your bike model (full model details please if possible)
    3. Your bike year
    4. Lever length required for both clutch and brake
    5. Lever colour
    6. Lever adjuster colour

    The Aussie dollar stands at about .88c US. If this holds the levers per set should be delivered to your door for about $220-$230 AUST.

    For those that have already been in touch please can you call or email me so I can verify details - thanks. My number is 0407 178 159 and email is kroeb@gil.com.au

    Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

    Cheers - Paul
  5. Can you find out if Pazzo make levers for a Suzuki GSF250 Bandit? Cheers.
  6. Sorry my friend - no 250's from Pazzo :(
  7. Do they make any for the Street Triple? It's not listed on their site but there are some other sites out there with the Street Triple listed.
  8. What's the deadline?
  9. Lame.
  10. Deadline will be for 31st Jan. with money to me for order payment by 8 Feb.

    This means we should get our Levers by 17th Feb. as long as there are no shipping delays.

    ...and YES deadsy, they make them for the Trumpy Street Triple

    Thanks, Kroeb
  11. I've talked to the ebay guy and he will only sell it for AU$350, which is a rip off. I didn't mention a possibility of a group buy.
  12. Nuff said! :p
  13. Any available to suit a KTM Superduke (05 model)? :)
  14. No Pazzo's for the KTM range :(

    Maybe in the future I am lead to believe....

    Cheers - Paul
  15. kroeb,
    If you do an order in a month or two when my bank acc fully recovers from the chrissy hols I will definately be interested.

    Cheers, Andrew.
  16. Never really had a firm answer on this, but is the purpose of these levers to make for really light brake and clutch action? How does it achieve it by shorter levers, wouldn't it be lighter if you had more leverage?
  17. Gixxa Freddy - The next Bulk Order will not be until around July 2008 or there abouts.

    And as for Phizog's question - the Pazzo Levers have a better "feel" about them when in use as well as looking stunning on any bike. It's one of those things you have to use to appreciate. If you see a bike with Pazzo's on ask if you can just sit on the bike and apply the clutch to see what I mean.

    Once your bike has Pazzo Love you will wonder how you ever put up with the OEM levers for so long :)

    Cheers - Paul
  18. Paul
    Email sent
    cheers Darwin
  19. Thanks kroeb, sounds like its something you have to try to understand hehe.
  20. July huh? Put me down as a definate then. :grin: