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First pair of leathers and gear etc.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by P J, May 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I am going to start riding in the next couple of months and have a few questions on gear before I start looking in shops.

    What is the best brand for good quality leather jacket and pants (this is one of the conditions on riding from the other half, so no textile jackets/pants).

    Helmet - I'm planning on spending $600+, do you basically get the best fitting one

    Boots - $$$ ??? , i've heard that 3/4 ones are best ??, so they protect your ankles.

    Armour - Back protector, whats better one that fits in the jacket or one that straps to you ??

    Thanks for your help/ comments. suggestions ??
  2. Leathers - Depends what your budget is, if you want to spend over $1500 go for a custom suit from @ozmotorcycleleathers or tiger angle (ozmoto much better, but your in melbourne so a bit more difficult, TA is located in melbourne, no where near as good)

    If you want a cheap suit i would recommend importanting an astars suit in from sportbiketrackgear.com you can pick up a suit for like $500, just try some on locally when you buy your helmet. Dont get dodgey pakistan stuff.

    Helmet - Yeah $600 will get you a really nice lid, i have a shoei XR1100, paid 650, is a great helmet, but yeah just get whatever fits well, maybe check out the sharp helmet rating from the UK to compare safety.

    Boots - def go for full length boots, sidi and alpinestarts make a good set, be ready to spend around 2-300 bucks, i personally would go for something like the astars smx + or smx5 (if budget) or sidi ST or vortiche.

    Armor - Back protector that straps to you is far better, i would recommend the knox contour, hard to find in aus, but currently cheap from sportbiketrackgear.com, if you buy any gear from them, def get one of these protectors, they are the best in the business.

    You didnt mention it but gloves are key, because they are small, just get the crazyist race gloves you can afford, it doenst matter much about glove looks or glove bulkyness because you are always going to be able to store them in your helmet when your off bike. I would go for a pair of astar gp pro for midrange glove, gimoto GP4 are an excellent glove with a roo skin palm, avoid dainese, rip off and crap. Held makes some of the best gloves around, but hard to find locally. aim to spend about 200-300 on a good set of gloves.
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  3. What is the logic behind no textile?
  4. Can't disagree with any of what Unconnected said.

    Personally the Arai lids fit me best - you'd get a Vector 2 for that cash. Just make sure you get a nice tight fit whatever you get when new as it'll soften up as you wear it more.
    DON'T import a lid.
  5. Agreed. But he's got another 6 months of cold stuff before having to convince her of that ;)
  6. I only wear leather, its a fair enough requirement no matter what leather IS better for abrasion resistance thats pretty well known, they only wear leather on racetracks for a reason. Also its better value, textile is a one crash option mostly, leather can be repaired.

    In the heat its really not that bad, unless your stuck in traffic, but for me, my bike will overheat way faster than i will, so i need to keep moving anyway.
  7. You probably want touring leathers rather than race leathers. eg. Tiger Angel raven jacket and touring pants. Learners in race leathers worry me and you'll feel a goose.
    if you hunt around AMX and peter stevens clearance you'll get a decent helmet, gloves and boots. strap on back protectors are the go.
    don't know what she's got against textiles. at the lower end of the market they are better than leathers.
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  8. His missus is letting him ride, to be forced to ride in leathers is hardly a punishment. I wouldnt try to argue the toss to get textile permission :p
  9. If you want a good top of the range 2 piece, get the RS Taichi GMX Motion jacket and pants. Pretty much everyone who bought one loved it. Here's the dealer in Melbourne, I think you can go there and try it on:
    However the above 2 piece is cut pretty aggressive, so if you're more of an upright rider then look into other brands such as Alpinestars or Dainese (expensive).

    For helmet anything over $300+ is good, just remember to get a helmet that fit you best and not because it's look nice or you like the brand. Shark, AGV, Shoei, Arai are all good brands. Just remember that there are race styled helmets that are designed to be use in a full tucked, and there are helmets that are designed for more upright street riding. Unless you do a lot of spirited riding and track days get the second option.

    For boots, have a look at the Alpinestars SMX-5, GP-Plus GP-Tech. They are basically a step up from each other with the SMX-5 having the lowest protection.

    For gloves, like Unconnected said the Alpinestars GP-Pro is good, I disagree with them being a mid-range gloves, IMO they up there. And Dainese is not crap but they are overprice. Also look at the RS Taichi GP-EVO. If those are too expensive look at the Alpinestars GP-Plus, or even cheaper SP-1, they are still great gloves.

    For back protecter the type that strap on you will provide the best protection. However if you don't plan on doing a lot of spirited riding just get the one that slide into the jacket's pocket. The 1st type usually go pretty far down your back, making it uncomfortable to sit down on a chair.
  10. What a great post from Unconnected :p

    Why don't you like race leathers? That's my bread and butter you're talking about :)

    OP - If you plan on sporty riding, make sure there is stretch kevlar panels between the legs so you can move around a little. If you want to do track days, then you'll need zip together leathers as minimum, and should really be looking for good quality 1 or 2 piece suit.

    I wear textiles sometimes, but mainly for slower riding. If you want to go and chase your mates in the twisties or hit the track, leathers are the only way to go.

    for helmets, I just go to the local shop and see what Arais are on discount.
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  11. Haha thanks irena, yeah as for the gp pro's being mid range i only really said that in the idea that astars as the gp tech, gp pro, gp something else, in that order of raceness. Of course they are not mid range, but i would say they are mid range in terms of a race gauntlet.

    Also twistngo, nothing wrong with learners in leather, i loved the troll factor when i rocked up at road warriors with no chicken strips, race suit with a worn slider. Not everyone finds riding unnatural and hard to get going with it :p

    Either way, you wont outgrow a suit with sliders skill wise, but if you get one without them and the later you find yourself wanting to do trackdays etc, then your going to be up for a new suit. You can always take the sliders off when you start up as well.

    Also if you get a two piece its unlikely to have the hardcore race cut built into it, this is an example of the cheaper astars suits, i have a mate that wears one very similar to it, seems like a good value piece of gear.


    But if your looking to spend more, then i would def recommend getting something custom made, why spend big money on a suit that wont fit that well. You can get yourself measured by a tailor and then get a suit sorted out from ozmoto, made in italy, you really cant do better.
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  12. I have a race suit and I can get my back protector and a set of skins under it and thats it. I look like a monkey humping a basketball when I walk with it done up. I can't reach high enough to pull down the garage roller door with it on. Marvelous for riding but useless for anything else. For everyday riding I think something a bit more relaxed is required.

    PS Race leathers do not flatter the fuller figure.
  13. ^ alot of things don't flatter the fuller figure :p

    Except a big chunky Harley and that's probably flattering to other fuller figured bodies too
  14. I live in the tropics, ride at least 130km daily in a custom fitted perforated kangaroo leather jacket. At some stage I'll get the matching pants. Three weeks from order to my doorstep including custom embroidery all for $600. The quality is good enough that several people have ordered from the same guy for track use.
  15. Thanks for your help.

    Yes she's hot enough, that if I want to ride I have no option ;)

    Where are the Peter Stevens clearance centres ?

    Also are the 'sales people' pushy ?, Will they try and talk me into the most expensive items or what they think I should have ???

    Should I have an idea of what I am planning on getting, before I go ??

  16. No pics, no kudos ;)
  17. upstairs in the elizabeth st store, to the right after you walk through the dirt bike stuff at the top of the escalator. their salesmen are good at selling and some are pushier than others. practice saying no. they will deal though. the more homework you do the better. you can look at their on line stuff
    to get an idea and hunt around to see if their prices are competitive.
  18. Hi,

    Some good advice above. Before I add anything what sort of bike are you thinking about for what sort of riding? IMO these two things will play a part in what gear you select and why. EG if you are buying a naked bike and plan on mainly commuting the gear that will suit will be different than if you are planing on a sports bike and only doing the twisties on weekends.

    You might also factor in the fact that over time you will end up wih multiple items for different seasons and riding - you might end up turning into a glove whore! Nothing like having the right glove on that suits the conditions to make the ride a lot more pleasant.

    The only other thing I would say at this stage is do not assume that the name brands are the best quality.

    You will get plenty of advice from the guys and girls on here just make sure it suits what you are planning to do.

    Perhaps a good starting place would be to go to the Sat morning practice sessions at Elwood and have a chat to the riders there. See here for details -

    First post is till valid .

    Cheers Jeremy
  19. Thanks. I am planning buying either a Kawasaki ER6NL or a Honda CB500f. Not for communting, rather for a bit of weekend riding.
  20. I don't think there is a "best" brand, as most brands offer different lines of gear to suit one's budget.

    I'm sure you don't need the top of the line from any brand since you probably won't be doing 200+ km/h all weekend long.

    Figure out what your budget is, and go for the best for your budget, but just like most things, you pay a premium for brand names and styling, doesn't necessarily mean you are better protected.

    I prefer leather on my spirited rides on the weekends, but I'd rather use textile on my commute considering I don't even get over 60 km/h.

    You'll probably want to eventually get some textile, or even kevlar lined jeans as you most likely will hop on the bike for a quick trip to the shops, etc, and for a ride like that, probably a bit more practical then throwing on leathers.

    Try on different helmets. A lot of options in the $600 range Go with what fits best and read some reviews as you won't be able to test wind noise. Try to keep the helmet on for 10 minutes+ or so, as some can give you a headache.

    3/4 boots are good, especially for the weekend rides. Again, they range in price, so figure out your total budget and how much you'd like to allocate to each piece of gear.

    Take a look online at the different styles and prices, that way when you go into the shop, you have a place to start.

    I personally prefer to try things on at the shop, figure out my sizing, then hop back online and order my gear from Europe. You'll end up saving at least 40%! ;)