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First one (you'll never guess what)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by instantexpert, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. In keeping up with the Joneses, I managed to have my first put-down tonight (on this bike), riding home from uni, up the Mt. Dandy Tourist rd, through devil's elbow hairpin at about 40 clicks, just about to gun out of the corner, and the rear let go on me, too quick for me to correct.
    Lowsided it, and managed to smack my elbow into the back bumper of a commodore in the next lane. (fotunately, I hit it with the softest part of the bike (the rider), in a previously damaged spot (via a dickhead in a parking lot a few days previous.))

    Long story short, Oggy/ozzy knobs are a well-worth investment, saved the handlebar aside from the mirror (mirror was only scratched), and the tank/frame, engine cover only has about 1/2 mil metal left, indicator scratched through, ducktail scraped, ventura rack bent somewhere, and most of the contact surfaces given an emery treatment.

    Draggins stood up, small rip in fabric, that's it, and went down on my arm, ripping open the dririder elbow, only bruised my pride (and damn elbow where I hit his car).

    I think there may have been some oil on the corner, wouldn't surprise me, and when I walked out onto the corner, it did feel pretty slippery.
    The bugger let go so quickly, combined with my corner speed (familiar road), inexperience and lack of trust in the current tyres. (And despite the good weather, I was taking it easy.) I'm just glad it was only in second gear, and not at 80ks around the other corners on that road.

    Speaking of which, anyone know any good dririder repair guys in the eastern suburbs, and ventura pack repairers? do saddlers still do that sort of thing?

    Pics tomorrow.
  2. Glad to hear you're pretty much ok.

    Chalk it up as experience. :wink:
  3. no luck mate, glad to hear you were wearing your gear. how come you don't trust your tyres? (i'm assuming there was something amiss with them before the accident.)

    in general terms :shock: someone with time on their hands needs to chart netrider crashes, there seems to be really weird spikes in numbers every 6/12 months. 8-[
  4. Your spill sucks the big one. Glad you're basically ok.

    Welcome to the club, sorry we had to admit you.

    Get any aches and pains looked at bro, and report the possible oil to the hazards hotline. 131170
  5. You've got enough time slyfox, just make a thread called "Netcrasher" with a list and keep editing in new names to the original post.

    Ask people to pm you details of ones they notice you've missed. :grin:
  6. you're quite right my post count tells a story that says i do have enough time, but i am a pretty lazy bastard which works against it happening. :grin:

    hmmmm, well perhaps i could start a 'tally' if people don't find the idea offensive. <opinions welcome.> i would try to backdate it to the start of the financial year (1/7/06.)

    (sorry to get offtopic instantexpert, at least you can be proud that you had a part to play in the prospective birth of 'netcrasher.') :p
  7. Glad to hear your OK.
    You're right, must have been oil on the road.
  8. I haven't come off yet (*touch wood*), but I like the idea.
  9. It was bound to happen, the birth of a Crash-based fourum, what with a dozen or so of us falling off (mine was mild, at least the bike didn't hit anything, just had a quick nap)...

    And my tyres are good, I think the fault lies with the rider on that one, I would take it for a track day but 145km/h down the main straight just doesn't cut it :p
  10. Sorry to hear about you joining the DAC, if it was oil, and the recent get-off club even if it wasn't, IE. Bum luck, made only a little better by the relatively low damage count.

    Just on your oggy-knob comment, however, it appears that they didn't stop you doing fairly expensive damage to the lower engine cases???

    With reference to the crash-tally, I can only see a value in it if we were able to determine absolutely the cause of the crashes and thereby learn something that we didn't know already about avoiding them.... my 2c
  11. Bummer, good to hear you're ok though.

    time for some stickier tyres? :p
  12. [IMG:567:757:02021d6241]http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h143/instantexpert/BIKE_C_FRONT.jpg[/img:02021d6241]

    As you can see, the ozzy knob did its job well - saved the frame, and the tank - Even without the knob, the engine cover would have scratched - turns out I will have to ride the bike for a few weeks without the new cover as it is on backorder, if the bike was stopping on the cover the bike would probably be off the road.
  13. Jaysus, bad luck mate. Elbow sounds ouchy.
  14. You need to change your sig to DAC #3 :p

    Hey, 145kmh down PI straight is cool, you just don't have to back off or brake for any corners. You'll have a ball!

    Sorry to hear about your off. Is Devils Elbow the first sharp left coming up from FTG?

    I noticed today the diesel dribbles coming out of a servo on Canterbury road. Nothing major, just a timely reminder that the exits of servos are a great location for diesel spills.
  15. Also glad you're ok!

    My gosh! Look at how far that engine casing sticks out!
    No wonder it copped a grind.
    You'd need Oggy-javelins to keep those suckers off the tarmac.
  16. And considering how expensive replacement parts are, do you think we could instigate a "frequent crasher" card with one of the partners? if you order replacement parts for the first four or nine times, the fifth or tenth crash is free? :p
  17. "Yes sir, you now receive an 80% discount on safety fluoro yellow OR orange fairings!"

    'But the pink spray paint for my helmet is complimentary right?'

    "Only when you purchase a set of Pilot Powers for your training whee..."
  18. I think there should be some sort of part to NR where you can submit details of your accident to a database so that we can get some stats happening.

    Hope you heal up ok.