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first oh shit moment

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by intrancewetrust, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. well i have been pretty lucky so far, havent had any issues with cars pulling out etc... until yesterday! coming down a hill near my house, some muppet in a silver mercedes decides to engage in some BRAILLE DRIVING by pulling halfway across the road then stopping to get a look at the traffic, blocking my lane almost completely.

    Not entirely sure what happened exactly, i guess instinct took over for a bit, or maybe it was all over in a couple of seconds and it only felt longer? Anyway, I suppose the textbook response would have been to check my mirrors then do an emergency stop like I have practiced a hundred times, but it didn't exactly go down like that... I guess it wasn't exactly clear what the idiot was going to do next so I sort of just braked to slow down enough to buy some time to react.

    not sure if it was due to the hill or my ham foot but I managed to lock the rear in the process and it washed out to my right side, well at least its away from the car so i just sort of surfed my bike sideways past the moron then got on the gas to pull myself out of it before I went tits up! Managed to glance sideways at the shitbag as i slide past her bonnet sideways, some grey haired lady about 60ish, from the look on her face I think she might have soiled a pair of her granny undies, haha.

    Boy am I glad my mates took me out dirt biking a few times in my youth as the muscle memory just kind of kicked in automatically and I just kind of knew how to control the rear wheel slide even though if you asked me I honestly couldn't tell you how I did it!

    Anyway resisted the urge to turn around and tell the old bag off and rode straight home! Was not too shaken up just annoyed at her for driving like a suicidal maniac (if there was truck or something coming down the road she would have been taken out bigtime... wtf) and annoyed at myself for locking the wheel in a panic situation, guess I need to watch that right foot a bit more carefully, cant help but wonder if 15 years of car driving has ingrained a right foot braking response somehow that I need to get rid of!
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  2. Sounds like you did really well. SR's are hard to get rid of. Wish I had the ability to just slide the bike like that and get it back up on 2 feet :unsure:
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  3. maybe not text book but you also got through it unscathed :) even if your undies didn't :p
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  4. Locking the rear and having it slide out is the precursor of the famous HAD TO LAY HER DOWN. You did good to not have this happen. Need more E braking practice just like everyone else, Its a good skill
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    you were lucky your rear lock up didn't end in catastrophe, though, if you were in full control due to your superior muscle memory it wasn't really an 'oh sh1t' moment and no luck was actually involved :p

    I had this happen once years ago, idiot pulls half into the left lane from a stop sign then stopped blocking my lane, with nowhere to go I hit him in the front guard but had washed off enough speed to just sort of hit him and fall off. heard someone say 'hey mate, saw the whole thing, here's my card' looked up to see another idiot handing the cager his business card - I said 'that's good, you would have witnessed him go through a stop sign then stop mid-lane right in front of oncoming traffic, sure you want to be HIS witness? you're as big an idiot as he is then.' needless to say they both just glared at me but we all knew who was at fault.

    plenty of cagers were around but no-one helped me right my bike or check to see if I was ok. the only people that asked after me were a couple of schoolkids. this is why I have vowed never to help cagers (unless they have kids in the car)!

    glad you got through unscathed dude!

    footnote edit: I rode straight to the local cop shop with twisted handlebars and filled out an accident report - plod said there was no way I was at fault and the insurance company agreed!
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