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first off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. so tonight,.. rode to a mates place (it had just got dark). decided we were going to another... so i jump back on my bike. over take mates van... going along a road i never ride on, its dark, come into a corner n see stop sign (wasnt speeding) hit brakes gently, then (as i discovered after inspecting the scene) had hit a bump in the road which had sent my back end going out... felt it going... going... going... then i dunno what happened. my bike slid a small amount of distance. i somehow managed to hit my left shoulder and got a cut/bruise on my right hip. was wearing full gear.

    first thougts getting up were oh sh** the bike... '07 gpx250r. scratches on side fairing (right side), front fairing cracked... bit of a scratch on right pipe (nothing much). i felt so bad... bought bike with the old man (i paid more, and he currently cant ride). felt rediculous, specially after over taking my mate. bike took a bit to get started.. rode rest of way.. bike was a bit stiff (might have been my arm, sore n cold).

    iin hindsight... for first off almost no better place to do it. mate n his dad were most helpful and over the top in making sure i was ok. feeling silly, specially as i dont have much cash atm. ill post up some pics when i get home eventually tomorrow and get a decent camera. also, ive always ridden (4 months or so now)) in full gear and even though i got away pretty well tonight, i cannot help but try to reinforce the need for it.

    thought id just write about it, clear my head a bit, try and analyse further n despite the silliness of it all, i just felt like posting about it. =\

  2. my guess is you had all eyes for the stop sign, front forks under compression for braking and then hit a bump, probably kicked your rear up and around which tossed you off balance and down you went (probably at about 3kmh)

    1. note the signage, then get your focus back onto road surface and braking procedure

    2. remember that at low speed you have to use yourself to balance, no gyroscopic influence to keep you upright.

    3. get back on the thing, find some really shitty roads (not hard in this country) and practice like mad
  3. Sorry to hear about your 'off'. Shit happens, hopefully you can learn something from it - at least you could walk away from it with minor damage to yourself (more important than the bike!)
  4. Appreciate the "share" Enigma, great input Hassa :)

    Lots of learning all round from ppls 'stories' :)
  5. well glad to hear you are ok.....

    still don't really understand what happened, did you loose the rear end? Were you not using the fronts or just the rears? :?
  6. thanks hassa.

    rode it today.. feels like the front wheel isnt completely aligned proper but still managed bout 100k's :grin:

    saw the sign... starting braking as per normal... then felt the back goin out from me... then it ended up on its right side somehow (i was cornering left). it happened to quick im not sure exactly what happened... sounds a bit recidulous im sure. i was told when i did my P's last monday i was using too much rear... but i didnt feel it lock... it just sorta flew out a bit (im sure the bump helped that).

    thanks for advice :]
  7. the rear brake is downright dangerous used at speed, use the front, they are there to stop the rear, well as far as i am concerned for all 99% of riding it might as well just call it a boat anchor as all it's good for is adding more weight to the bike :LOL:

    Never ride quicker then you can see, if you can't see through a turn consider that you may always have to stop on other side.....you will either learn to stop quicker or ride slower :)

    oh btw, if the bike hit the gutter, you may have bent the forks, one of the tubes might off just moved in the triple clamp, or you may of also bent a clip on....but they normally just break not bend
  8. yeh i know its best not used much but eh... i was in the habit of doing it (though i do use a lot more front).

    i was going speed limit... considering it was dark and didnt know that end of the road should have been going a bit slower. guess i learnt the hard way (possibly best way too :LOL: )

    it may have hit one of those gutter things in the middle of the road (at the turn). uncles gonna pop past tomorrow to have a look at it, see what he says.

    thanks for help and helping diagnose... i should get my NT membership n get on some rides soon... :cool:
  9. think the gpx clipons are steel and will bend a bit before breaking,

    puzzling thing is the landing on your right side of the machine, almost like it's highsided, would have to be a fierce braking effort to induce a lateral "stoppie" and flip it over on its other side.

    might be worth a visit to the scene of the crime and try and work out just what did happen, although a couple of days to settle down and analyse events usually makes things clearer.

    stewy, rear brakes are useful for lots of things, as long as you use them with the same sort of touch you'd use on a new girlfriend, I was one of those kids who had a few bad moments from stomping on rear brakes and swore off them until some old bastard took pity on me and explained the finer detail of how to use them (one of many things I owe Warwick Schuberg for)
  10. thanks for that tip :wink:
  11. Dude, get your bike checked out by somebody that knows shit before you ride it much more.
  12. That's definitely what it sounds like. The leaning to the left and having a lighter bike will flip you quicker if you lock up and let go.
    The bump plus shite suspension will compound the effect.

    Sorry to hear about your prang enigma. The rear has it's uses, but you've got to learn how to use the front first. :wink:

    I know I'll probably get shot down for this but, you can lower your rear brake lever right down to the point it will need maximum pressure to lock the rear. Get someone experienced to help you if you need to, but a bit of playing around and testing will help you find your way.
    This way you can still be in the habit of using 'some' rear, just not 'too much'.
  13. Was the stop sign mid turn, or were you traveling straight approaching a stop sign that was positioned before the turn? If the bike was already leaned into a turn, were you turning left or right? Just asking to get a better picture of what happened (it's not very clear in the OP).

    Either way (and don't take this the wrong way) but I think you're attributing too much of this to the road surface. Most stop signs will have a bumpy surface due to the years of cars/trucks braking hard and putting pressure on the surface. You've no doubt dealt with these bumps under brakes every previous ride without issue, so why was this event different? I would suggest it was mostly likely a case of pulling on too much brake too quickly. Remember when you did your L's and the instructor drummed in the "set up and squeeze" braking technique?...., this is why it's important. In an emergency braking situation your survival reactions shout "make rocket stop now!" but you need to make sure you apply the brakes progressively. Squeeze gently at first to let the suspension soak up the slack then gradually increase the pressure on the brakes until the bike stops. The suspension should absorb the bumps sufficiently so if the wheel skips out, it's more likely due to over application of brakes causing a lock up.

    Don't be scared by the "rear brake is dangerous" comments. The rear brake is your friend and if used properly it will assist your braking, keeping the bike in line and in control. It only becomes a problem if you shit yourself and stomp on it. The way to get better with it is though practice. Regularly practice your e-braking using the "set up and squeeze" principle, using both brakes but remembering to only use enough rear to keep the back of the bike settled. Also, if you use the same technique (though less quickly) for all your braking, it will become habit and more likely to be your first reaction in emergency situations. :)

    Glad you're unharmed. Any bingle you ride home from is a good result. :)
  14. You're such good value Hassa "so chumpy we could carve you!"! :p

    SO glad you "stuck your nose in" around NR! :grin:
  15. Loz... uncles coming round this evening (knows his shit) too have a look at it, only rode it yesterday a fair way as i had told my gf i would.. lol.

    i keep thinking bout it (as minor as it was for a prang) and the stop sign was mid corner... pretty much. i think i hit the brakes too hard to quickly, felt it going, and had let go. could that have caused the essential flip onto the other side?

    i hate to sound so unknowledgable about my own prang... but it happened pretty quickly (as these things do) and due to my relatively short time riding (4 or so months now) i cannot analyse as well as others, so thanks for the help.

    figure out what i did sooo wrong so i can avoid it happening again! :)