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First off :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tibes, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Came off for the first time today, pulling over to meet my mates on the whitfield-mansfield rd.

    Came in a slightly fast on the gravel shoulder and braking combined with an incline to the left (away from the road) and light gravel - the bike slipped out from under me.

    Only grazed a knee, but feel very stupid! I knew I was coming in too fast and it was risky to pull into the gravel but I took the risk (and payed the price). I guess I've learnt my lesson :oops:

    I've only had the new bike a week and it's gone from looking almost new (for an 89) to 3 cracks in the right fairing, two large scratchs across the fairing, broken windshield and scratchs along the engine and exhaust. I guess I'm lucky it was only cosmetic damage though.

    Anyhow - rest of the weekend riding was a blast. And I'll now be investing in some proper riding pants ASAP.

    Anyone know the cheapest way to replace fairings/windsheilds on an CBR250R? (mc19)
  2. Don't you just hate the mixture of gravel and brakes???

    Sorry to hear about the damage, but at least it was a drop, not being hit by someone.
  3. yeah true. and now I've had the experience of coming off, I'm in no hurry to do it again. will be exercising a bit of extra caution :)
  4. I don't know how long you have been riding but I had all the proper riding gear before i got my bike. I have made a couple of short trips in jeans but always extra cautious when I do.
  5. Yes. And pot holes, tram tracks, white lines, black lines, oil.... :)
  6. Been riding about 4 months so I don't really have any excuse :oops: will be going shopping this week.
  7. I got a pair of RJays. They are waterproof and slip over your trousers and have a zip out thermal liner. Cost about $175 I think.
  8. The RJays pants seem pretty good on their site. What's a good place to buy in Melbourne?
  9. I bought mine at Geoff Taylor in dandenong
  10. and tree branches, diesel, hubcaps, flattened coke cans, raised bitumen, wet bitumen, discarded rubbish, commodore drivers .. etc
    Remind me again WHY we love to ride :?

  11. TRAM TRACKS!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:
  12. Pulled up next to this hot blonde with a super low cut top in a lancer. Copped a nice eyeful and she smiled at the big bad biker :p

    Ahhhhhh... if only they knew what I looked like under the helmet.
  13. I ended up going with a set of hornee jeans. More of a fashion thing but they don't look as good as a set of levi's
  14. I had a quick look round today. Has anyone seen any jeans which have hard knee protection (e.g. knee pad/plate) in them, not just kevlar/thickness to them?

    Might have to make a trip to Dandenong as the places I've found don't have RJays leathers, only synthetic.