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First off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geeth, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Well had my first off yesterday and well it sucks.
    Basically went riding with a group and went around a new corner (new to me) to fast went wide hit some dirt and slid out. I was going about 50 km/h and remember the thud of the helmet and stones going past a roll and ending on my back.

    Thankfully the people that I was with were quite experienced - one being a ex-cop - so everything was pretty smooth in regards to dealing with traffic and getting ambo etc.

    Was taken to hospital for neck x-rays as I had pains but full movement. After I was x-rayed everything was fine. It would seem alot of the neck pain was from the brace digging in. I am a bit sore and stiff but fine. Ended with a minor cut on my hand and a little road rash on forearm that's no worse then carpet burn.

    The bike - esp being an old one - will most likely be a write off the front forks are technically rooted, then theres the usual damage of levers and pegs etc.

    I only have 1 pic of the bike, will get more once at the mechanics today. Also gear shots.

    Finally the only shot I have of the bike. You can see the slide marks in the dirt. I was about 2 meters behind the ambo - was about a 20 meter slid and roll.

  2. sounds like you got away with only minor injuries, which is good to hear, hopefully in a couple of days the body will start to loose up again.

    Sorry to hear about the bike but they are a lot easier to replace :)

  3. Yeah they are. At least is was an old bike, as much as I liked it I am not over attached to it as such.
  4. Sorry to hear about your off but glad you are ok!
  5. sorry to hear about the off Geeth

    as Stewy said bikes can be fixed or replaced

    glad to hear you got out of it with minor injuries
    see kids the gear works!
  6. Sorry to hear about your off! Glad you are relatively ok though. You mention a brace - were you wearing a neck brace?
  7. My neck hurt a little after the crash, so the ambos put a brace on just in case.
  8. Glad you're ok mate it must have been a shocking feeling as you went down.
  9. are you ready for the 3 point neg driving fine?

    glad your ok.
  10. not really ready for a fine. Wish the cops mentioned that when they took my statement.
  11. Hopefully there is no fine, it was double demerits yesterday!
  12. Not in qld
  13. bummer mate
  14. Good to hear you came out of it unscathed Geeth. Lotta damage to ya
    gear for a low speed off [​IMG]

    Maybe upgrade your gear to leathers you reckon?
  15. I will be. From what happened to the textiles I don't trust it for anything at higher speed now.
    There was more damage to the lower part of the jacket arm but I couldn't get it visible in photos.
  16. It's worth the extra cost Geeth [​IMG]

    & your jacket looks alot stronger made than mine as well. I
    look at it & ask myself WTF I even bother wearing it [​IMG]

    Better than squidding I guess [​IMG]
  17. Glad it wasn't too serious mate, where abouts were you? From the little I can see in the photo somewhere around Tamborine?
  18. The most important thing is that you are OK!! :)
  19. It's from Beechmont road can't remember if uper or lower beechmont though
  20. Glad you're ok mate, hope you're insured! :grin: