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First Off - Where to get Bike Fixed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RunningALK, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I had my first fall at the end of last week. I don't really know how it happened, all I remember is one second I was upright, and without having time to think or take action, next second I was on my ass.

    I was traveling along Mount Alexander Rd, it was wet, in peak hour and I believe I lost traction on the tram line. It was as I went under an overpass and I wasn't familiar with the road and couldn't see where the tram line was going (due to the dark section under the overpass), so I am guessing I rode on a straight line ontop of the tram track for too long without realizing.

    Came off at about 60km/h, cars stopped to help me get the bike off the road.

    I was a bit shook up, and I have learned a valuable lesson about how dangerous the tram lines are. Fortunately I have only sustained minor injuries and have had them checked out at the hospital. i can see I got off lucky.

    Now for the bike.

    I rode it away from the scene, cause it was only about 500m to my destination (friends house where it is now garaged). It appears that aside from the brake lever being bent and scratching and a crack on the instrument dial, everthing seems to be working. I have looked it over, no leaks or anything I can notice.

    I want to get it checked out by a bike repair place to be 100% its all ok mechanically and to get a quote on what it will cost to fix the rest of the damage.

    Can anyone suggest a place to take it close to Essendon and/or the city? It is a Honda cbf 250.

    The brake lever is damaged/bent, but testing the brakes appear to work fine... is there anything I should check before I ride it to the repair shop? Or should I play it real safe and get it towed there (don't really want to, seems to be working)?
  2. there is workshops in Kensington on boundary road iirc.
  3. Bikes Plus and Raceway are both in Keilor Rd, but I have no experience of either.
    If you can make it to Fitzroy, Everything2wheels and Intyre have both had good reports.
  4. Take itn to Raceway in Niddrie, very good work.
  5. glad to hear you are ok,

    And for those bloody tram lines, my brothers both rode in melb and had early morning spills on tram lines, even when its not raining a bit of dew and they are little icey strips.

    my oldest brother was riding a CBF250 when he dropped it on tram lines. Maybe its the curse of the CBF?