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First off this evening :-(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bcg, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. New bike too only 300ks on the clock :-(

    Fitzroy north, car not letting me merge, wet, tram track... Lost the front wheel.

    No injuries to me besides a lump on the thigh and a slightly skinned knee. Good gear.

    Bike: Broken blinker, gear lever and scratched fairing.

    Thanks to the scooter rider who stopped and helped me get it off the road. I was a bit shocked as it was a bit sudden.

    Anyone recommend a good panelbeater in Melbourne to put a corner back on my fairing (it's been sanded down a bit) and a bit of a touch up?

    Surprised how little damage actually occurred considering the F800ST is such a big heavy bike and it slid a fair way...


  2. glad you're okay. incredible bike held up so well :D

    rest up and take tomorrow off :D oh, and monday too.
  3. So sorry to hear that Brad. You poor bugga.

    As LC said...rest up now...worry about the bike tomorrow.
  4. Hey Brad,

    Sorry to hear mate. More importantly, glad to hear that you are okay (y)
    I've seen a few bikes at Dynoverks with scratched fairings etc from low speed drops. You might wish to consider calling either Dean or Jason - they'll at the very least steer you in the right direction.
    I spend a considerable amount of time in Epping, so if a meetup/coffee would cheer you up even the slightest let me know mate.
    Speedy recovery and hope to hear ya back on your bike again in no time :)
  5. sorry to hear... damn tram tracks are slippery even in normal weather let alone when its wet.
  6. Tram tracks are a riders dark enemy. I negotiate them everyday on the way to work and stay clear of the buggers.
    Rest up and I have a mate in Richmond who has a panel beater shop who may be able to help you out.
  7. Agreed. I usually stay well clear of them. Didn't this time.

    My fault.

    Will be interesting to see what she looks like tomorrow morning in the light of day.

    She rode home ok however. Even with a stick for a gear lever :)
  8. I'm always worried about crossing wet tram tracks. What is the best way to switch from the riding in the left lane to riding in the middle of the tram tracks in the right lane on a two lane road (eg Plenty Rd - High St)? Originally I would swing slightly wide (ie to my left) and then counter steer sharply to the right in order to maximize the angle between the bike and the tram tracks when crossing. This mean the bike is leaning over more when crossing the tracks though. These days I worry less about the angle, just make sure that both tires are not touching the tram track at the same time, and instead keep the bike upright.
  9. One of the many reasons I'm glad I don't live in Melbourne. Hope it all works out OK for you, mate.
  10. That shocked me too when I read it!

    sorry to hear about the off.
  11. See photos.

    My hats off to Fritz over in Munich somewhere.

    This is the sub total of damage to sliding along bitumen at about 20km/h.

    A bit of a corner off the fairing, a few scrapes, broken gear level and trashed blinker.

    The replacement parts are not for the financially challenged :)

    $252.20 just for the gear lever! $82 for the LED blinker assembly which I though was ok.

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  12. wow! seriously almost no damage :D wiiiiiicked!
  13. Sucks huh?

    If you haven't already spent the dosh, you could go aftermarket and take it to a metal fabricator so they can cut to fit. Save you a few pennies at least.
  14. It's ok, Fritz and Klaus need to feed their families too.

    You've got to pay to play...
  15. True enough with bikes. At least you aren't on a honda though, I believe the OEM indicators are in the $10,000 range.
  16. What!!! ???

    Oh.... Yes!

    The idea is to cross the tracks as perpendicular as is practically possible, BUT IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION...no lean!!