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First off, ouchies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Had my first off today. Was in a shitty mood and took my anger out on my bike by rushing home, only a 2km commute.

    Before I explain what happened ill post a diagram


    SO I was heading off home and I always travel just a little quicker then everyone else and like to weave through the traffic. So I got stuck behind this car travelling way slower then the speed limit and decided to weave out from behind him to the right lane then weave back into the left lane. I opened the throttle and gave it a bit of gas to do this and I think this is where I created the problem for myself. The roundabout was clear but as I got back into the left lane I saw a truck turning through the round about so I started slowing down by using the front brake + engine braking.

    I was going quicker then I thought as I just opened the throttle to get past the cars and as I saw the truck I started to brake heavily. Now im pretty sure as I was banging down the gears I some how went into first to early and hearing my rear lock up and start fish tailing. I use a combination of engine braking and front brake when slowing down. Now I should of probably just put the clutch in and let the bike correct itself but I couldnt because I would of risked going into the truck that was turning in the round about. So I just kept braking and hoped for the best which resulted with me going over and low sliding towards the roundabout headfirst.I stoped just before the round about luckily.

    Lucky the damage wasn't to bad, grazed the hand guards, axle sliders and foot peg. Busted my work pants and put a whole in my bike jacket around the wrist area and possibly bent my handlebars or bar mounts not to sure yet. Hurt my knee pretty badly and it has some pretty bad gravel graze. Got a few other grazers from pegs and other random bike parts digging into me, a small skin graze on my elbow but no blood. From now on ill definitely be riding with all my gear, I had everything on minus pants on when this happened. Always thought nothing could happen with a short commute so I guess I got what was coming to me. Better to learn now then later I guess. Many people don't get second chances when they crash on a bike.

    Please don't give me a lecture. I know I was in the wrong and I definitely deserve this and I have learnt a lesson. I guess I just want to tell people to be careful when you're riding. Could of been a lot worse so I guess I'm pretty lucky in that regard. I am a bit sad that I've damaged my angel

    A few pics

    Not to sure if the handle bar is bent, the mounts or both. ill have to take it to a mechanic to look it over and fix it for me

    Close up of the mounts, not looking to good : /

    Handguards, only put them on like 5 days ago :(

    Rear axle slider, best 40$ ever spent
  2. now im guessing to claim insurance, u will need to contact the cops (i think) who will now give u a neg driving charge, so your days will get worse
  3. Bitumen hurts, eh? Even at slow speeds, the impact and the subsequent abrasion is astonishing. Glad you're OK and that you have analysed what went wrong and how to make sure it doesn't again. Bike looks OK.
  4. Good thing about motards I guess. Axle sliders and handguards saved the bike from getting badly damaged.

    Not going to bother claiming insurance. At worst ill need new handle bars and clamps (150-200$), can get the jacket patched up for cheap im guessing and new work pants 50$. Pretty sure my excess is around 500-600 as i'm a P plater. Ill just cop this one on the chin, I deserve it anyway.
  5. ouch is right; ouch your skin, ouch your ego and possibly ouch your license :(

    no lecturing here, we've 'most all done stuff on bikes that we knew was silly at the time, but often we didn't find out how silly......

    mend up :)
  6. ^How would I lose my license?
  7. cos you said so ...

    Ill just cop this one on the chip, I deserve it anyway. Id be guessing they would send me a neg driving fine and possibly lose my license.
  8. OK. But may I respectfully suggest that you work on your braking technique? If you stopped before the intersection even though you locked the rear wheel and ended up sliding down the road, you had ample room to stop safely.

    Oh, and the pictures are a bit on the mega side.
  9. We all stuff up sometime in our lives - fortunately for you it wasn't fatal.

    As a side point - is anyone else having to scroll sideways to read this? PITA.
  10. Roh im all for advice, I guess when I said please dont give me a lecture it was in regards to me being an idiot and deserving it. Yes I will definitely try and get some practice in with braking/emergency braking.
  11. You're being honest with yourself....THAT is the main thing...:)
    You'll heal....the bike will be fixed, and you will still be riding...only THIS time...you'll have that extra experience to take with you...:)

  12. As a side point - is anyone else having to scroll sideways to read this? PITA.
    Oh, and the pictures are a bit on the mega side.

    yes, 1600x1200 mega.

    could you please resize them to 1024x768? The quality won't suffer, but it will make life easier for people with smaller monitors

    ta (y)
  13. i came off the other week, albeit in completely different circumstances. As you said, a lot don't get another chance, so learn from it and choose the time and place ;)

    I went down at about 70 and slid for a bit (ATGATT) and got up with no injuries, my bike was written off. Seems you are opposite.

    Heal up quick :)
  14. Wow that sucks enigma bout losing the bike but atleast you walked away fine. the biggest thing Ive actually learnt from this is ATGATT. I always said I dont have to worry bout pants as the chance of stacking it on a 2km commute is very slim. I'll definitely be always wearing all my gear now even if its only a few km's.
  15. Yeh ATGATT. I WAS commuting to job sites (apprentice sparky) on the bike, and would have to carry a fair bit, but in the end, if i had of come off, well, you know the rest of it.

    I came right off at 70, which is low compared to what others on here have come off, and my gear looked mostly fine (cept helmet). I would definately invest in a good pair of pants :)
  16. This is where you ****ed up.
  17. How fast were you traveling to be unable to pull the bike up? Why couldn't you just go through in front of the truck, if you were traveling as quick as you say :-s

    Seems to me braking might be one issue to look at but the big issue from how i read it is lack of attention.

    Anyway as for ATGATT meh that is your choice, and should remain the choice of the rider.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, damage to the bike looks minor/normal for a sm
  18. +100

    NEVER ride when your emotions are "up"
  19. Heal up, learn from it. Get back on the bike. :)

    Take care of your wounds. I've left skin on the road a couple times too.

    -Think about getting checked at the hospital. As long as you're rego is paid up, it should be free and you don't need to submit any forms to TAC/Insurers/Cops. I'd recommend getting checked just in case. They'll look after you for free at first if your rego is not paid, but expect a bill in the mail.

    -Clean, remove gravel if you can, disinfect (Iodine/Betadine)

    -Change bandage at least daily, twice if you can. Morning and before bed (and fresh Iodine/Betadine)

    -Use non stick bandages. It hurts if you don't. The chemist has everything you need.

    -If it becomes red, hot or puffy go to a doctors if it doesn't settle down soon. You'll have an infection.

    -Expect oozing, weeping or leakage.

    -Once it scabs up, it'll itch. Try to not scratch it off.

    -Once you have scarring or a healed wound, get some Bio Oil and rub in to scar multiple times daily for weeks and weeks. Even if my scars itch now, I put some on.

    Tomorrow you may feel ill (like you have a cold) and like every muscle in your body hurts. Nurofen (ibuprofen) and panadol should sort you out, but take it easy.

    *Not a doctor obviously, just had bashed up body parts a few times.*
  20. I wasnt in a very good mindstate that day and I probably should of left the bike at home as I do suffer from depression and anxiety.
    Cheers for the info, I went to the doctor yesterday morning and she checked it out and thinks its alright. Ive just been cleaning it with detol and putting some cream stuff on it. It looks alright. The one of my knee which is the bad graze/rash is only around 1 inch wide and 2 inchs long so its not really big luckily. My arm took most of the impact it looks like as the rash on the arm is huge compared to the one on my knee but as I had a jacket on it never really broke the skin, only a surface scratch if that makes sense.

    Ill be back on the bike tomorrow but taking it easy as I go back to work, looking at the bike today looks like only the handle bar mounts will need adjusting apart from that the axle sliders, handgaurds and foot pegs took all the damage.