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First off, nothing major luckily

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I was going so well, no near misses no real issues but today that all ended.
    Coming home from work I enter a small roundabout, no cars to my right and a few cars slowing to enter on the left. I enter and then realise that even though the car to my left was slowing down he wasn't going to stop. He enters the roundabout and I'm onto the front brakes. Well we all know that front brakes while taking a turn is a recipe for disaster so over she goes. I missed the car but not the road:cry:. My knee hits the ground followed by wrist then head. I get up and just stare at my poor bike lying there. The guy in the car that caused this comes rushing over and is in more shock than I am. We get the bike up and while I move it off the road he moves the car to let everyone through. We check the bike over to asses the damage which at first looks minor. Broken front brake lever, scratches to the tank, engine housing, exhaust pipes, right guard, and a few other places. Not so minor after all. We exchange details and he tells me he's fully insured so that's a relief.
    Now I'm ok I only have a sore knee and a sore wrist, nothing major just a little ache

    My helmet has (very very minor damage but it hit the road) so it'll need replacing but I got it on sale for $99 and it retails for $349 so how does that one work? Checked the leather jacket and couldn't see any damage so that's ok.

  2. Sorry to read of your off but glad you're intact.

    When I've had my mishaps, my insurer asked me to take it to a local bike for assessment and after they've sent off the repair quote, they've sent an inspector to assess if they go ahead with it or write it off. Don't worry too much on previous wear and tear or scratches.
    As for the helmet, I sent off photos of it to my insurer and regardless what I paid for it they forwarded a cheque to the retail value (as I'm with RACV they cap it at $500). If you've picked yours up for $99 on special, I don't believe it should matter, if it retails at $349 then that's what I'd expect if it's "new for damaged".

    Again, glad to read you're ok.
  3. Did you make contact with the car? No.
    Don't be surprised if his insurance company refuse's to pay up.
  4. Actually re-reading what OscarA has posted, I was assuming that the OP was himself insured as well. If that's not the case, I think you're right.

    Good luck with it either way Oscar.
  5. Sorry I can't answer your questions, but in case you haven't, it's probably a really good idea to go visit a doctor and get a good check-up.

    I find it's hard to get a feel for how much I can squeeze on while leant over. I just try to avoid brakes :cry: but when it goes pear-shaped, it would be nice to have options.

    Bad luck with your off, and good luck with the mending of bikes & bodies :)
  6. Thanks jorge_k, photos wont help as the damage is so minimal it's hard to see but it did hit the ground so that makes it damaged I believe. Hope they don't worry about the previous scratches as the new ones are worse.

    Hope you're wrong Caz V1, he did amid to failing to give way and in the details we exchanges he even wrote it down.
    I am insured but the excess will sting as I'll be hit for two excesses, normal excess plus inexperienced rider excess.
    The guy did offer me a cash payment so I might have to take that up.
  7. Thanks goop, I'm in almost no pain now so I'll see how I wake up tomorrow. If I'm sore I'll get checked out.
  8. The photos I sent of my helmet were for them to know what make/model it was. Mine barely had any markings on them either.
  9. obviously not sure about your contract, but most insurers would have $0 excess if 100% not at fault.

    gear should be replaced to equal safety/spec, the cost shouldn't be a huge issue.

    a likely solution for the bike damage would be they'll calculate or split the damage bill and ask you to contribute if you want it all repaired. or they may cash settle you for part of the repairs they deem related to this accident.

    Caz has a point about no contact with the 'at fault vehicle', but you could try to argue cause and effect, that him pulling out is what caused the crash. But that would only really be a problem if the other driver denies the accident happened.
    got any witnesses? i'd be getting their written statements asap.
  10. Thanks un_majstk, there were witnesses but unfortunately I didn't think and therefore didn't get any details. The driver did admit to failing to give way and the paper he wrote his details on he wrote that he failed to give way so I hope that has some bearing if the insurance company plays hard ball.

    thanks, that makes it easy then.
  11. Looks like the driver has admitted liability in writing - world first!. Sounds like a nice enough bloke even though he tried to kill you.
  12. This might not be a good thing since insurance companies specifically request that you NOT admit liability under any circumstances.
  13. Yeah, his insurer won't cover him if he's admitted fault, esp if it's on paper held in your hand. May have to take up that cash payment after all. Do you have insurance too? If yes, you won't need to worry about any of this really, probably one of the biggest pros for full comp.

    Take your gear to a bike shop for a quote. They won't care what it cost you, it'll just be the cost of a replacement (if available) then and there. The shop you take it to will most likely meet the quote they've given you, so you won't need to worry about coming off second best by someone thats underquoted you.
  14. Just got off the phone with my insurer (Swann) and feel relieved.
    I asked them about excess and was told no excess if he admits fault which he should unless he decides to change his mind. I also asked if there will be any issues with the fact I never made contact with his car and was told it shouldn't provided I explain the circumstances clearly on the claim form.
    I have been told that the 4 bike shops in Ringwood can all be used to give me a quote so now I have to decide who to go to.
    Peter Stevens, Metro Honda or Clipstone Yamaha I can't remember the fourth.
    Any advise on which one to go to or which one to avoid?

    I do have to ring the bloke up to get a few extra details like his address and the make and color of his car:tantrum: Can't believe I was so silly to not take down those basic details. Apparently his name, number and rego isn't enough they also want his address and car details.
  15. yep, rule of thumb is everything off their license + car rego. most of the rest you can remember. eg toyota sedan blah blah.
    keep us posted with your experience.
  16. Just took the bike to the repair shop and they'll take a look and quote the job on Monday.
    I am going through my insurance and the way it works is they'll pay to get the bike fixed then claim on the other guys insurance and all is sweet, no excess. If the other insurance party denies liability then I pay excess to my insurer and my insurer now go after them for claims and this is where it gets a little more complicated. They will have to explain why they believe they aren't at fault and my insurance company will require photos and details from them to prove there case.
    Worse case scenario
    • I get my bike fixed and it costs me $700 - $400 normal excess and $300 for new rider excess so that's not to bad.
    • Best case scenario I get my bike fixed and it costs me nothing
    There is one little snag which I wasn't aware of and that's my insurer doesn't cover me for my helmet. Apparently they'll cover me up to $1000 for boots, jeans, jacket and gloves but helmet is an option extra which I wasn't aware of so please check your policy to make sure helmets are included.
    However if the other party excepts liability then the helmet will be replaced.
    I explained to my insurer what happened and he's of the conclusion I have no problems and the guy at fault has been 100% upfront about everything so all should be ok.
  17. Awesome that you've got hima ccepting responsibility in written form. If I ever am in this situation and am lucky enough to have the other party accept responsibility (seems like a rarity for people to do the right thing these days), I'll get it written down and signed by them.
  18. Firstly great that everything is going well. As for payment for your gear, if going through yours, they'll more than likely send you a cheque to cover the cost.

    What you spend it on is up to you, but there's nothing stopping you getting a new helmet with it. So with that, include all the gear you can to get value for your insurance dollars. After all that's why you paid for it in the first place.
  19. Looks like I'll be looking for a new bike. That minor damage I thought the bike had in the accident isn't so minor, the repair bill is over $7000. The bike has been written off.
    I have to give Swann full credit so far, I took the bike to the repair shop on Friday and the bike was inspected and written off yesterday. I don't know how long it'll take for the cheque to arrive, hopefully not long. I also wont be paying any excess as the other party has admitted liability to my insurer so all is sweat there.
    It's a strange feeling looking at your bike knowing you'll never ride her again and knowing she'll be sold for parts. The bike has been listed as unrepairable with structural damage so she'll be off to the wreckers.
    Now what to replace her with?
    Should I go bigger like a GS500 or another 250 this time a VTR250?
    Time to go and test ride a few bikes I think.
  20. Glad to hear its working out for you!

    Seems like Swann are a bit more on the ball than QBE!

    My bike was knocked over mid-Tuesday morning, was in the repairers for a quote Tuesday lunchtime. By Wednesday COB I had a report saying 'uneconomical repair'.... and then I waited.... The assessor finally came and took my bike from the repairers on Monday and today the insurer STILL hasnt received his report. (Day 8 now and still a long way from knowing how much I've got to spend).

    I've sent in my registration details and purchase details as requested and have been told that once they receive the assessors report the details will be passed on to the "total loss department". They are expected to take 5-10 business days before telling me how much cash they're going to give me.

    So from crash-cash I contributed to less than 3 hours of the delay, the repairers, assessor and insurance company may take the best part of a MONTH before I see anything. (I'm getting annoyed)