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First off --> no clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Doeven09, May 17, 2010.

  1. So I decided to head down to a carpark (Barkly square in Brunswick) for a light practice session. Bit of slow to medium speed figure 8's and some e-braking around 11pm last night. I was kind of tired, and in hindsight, why i didn't think such a chilly night might reduce my grip i don't know. Anyway, heading South to the corner of Sydney Road where the Brunswick Hotel is, i indicated left and went to take the right angle corner at around what i think was 20~30. Any other time i would trust my tires to take me way further than this, minimal leanage. Before i knew it the front wheel dropped like a rock, just after i was past the pedestrian crossing, and the bike was spinning away from me on the ground. I am unscathed, thanks to the cold i decided to wear my alpinestars track pants rather than draggins and all gear is undamaged, except my left knee slider, which finally saw some use ](*,)
    Tracing back to the pedestrian crossing i found several small oil spots right in my tire's line, i've ridden fairly extensively in the cold and never noticed any real reduction in grip so i guess these probably were to blame. I'm just so surprised they were so utterly crippling to my cornering.
    Anyway, the reason i posted this here was that i ride a cbr250rr mc22, i'm still on restrictions and being a poor uni student i do all servicing and repairs myself. I really don't plan to take this to a mechanic. Most of the damage looks aesthetic only, a couple of nice guys with giant mohawks helped me pick the bike up. Front faring has a slightly widened front bolt hole from impact, slight scuff on side. LHS faring took the biggest beating, but still, mostly a small, thoroughly scratched area. Engine casing is also a bit scratched. I clicked it down to neutral, checked for leaking fluids, relaxed for a bit, checked for leaking fluids again, then tried to start it. Took a little, i think it was flooded after being on it's side, at least it smelled that way. But it started fine, a little white smoke. Checking brake levers and stuff i noticed clutch lever has no resistance, bike is idling, press clutch in, click to first, instant stall. Dammmmmit. Guess i am walking home after all. I was still fairly adrenalin ridden at this stage and couldn't really think straight. So i just started walking it home. 1.5 hours later and a whole world of sweat later it was in the garage. I went upstairs and fell straight asleep.
    Just posting this before i bicycle my a*se to uni :nopity:, to hopefully assess if i've really broken something, or if it's likely as simple as a ripped clutch cable. I'm not really familiar with bikes mechanically at all and have only dealt with simple service and a whole shit ton of electrical problems so far.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated :angel: and the incident is yet another testament to the ATGATT philosophy.

  2. Glad you are ok. Yes it is probably a simple thing but post up the bike brand and model first so we know if it i a cable or hydraulic clutch.

    You probably don't want to hear this bit after pushing it home but you can ride without a clutch. You need to match throttle revs as you click through gears and starting requires some paddling along Fred Flintstone style but it can be done to get you home.
  3. He said it's a cbr250. Those bikes aren't the easiest bike to clutchless shift if your not used to it but you should be able to. Luckily they don't have a sensor on the clutch so it will be possible to start it in gear.

    So u just abandoned it in the city? Hope it's still there in the morning.
  4. I think cj's right; sounds like you snapped the clutch cable, barring getting under the fairing and under the tank it should be a fairly easy and not too expensive fix.
  5. Sorry to hear about your off. For the sake of other riders I'd send an email to Moreland council and get them to despatch a crew out there to clean up the spills & oil patches. There are currently major scale roadworks on Mickleham rd near the Tullamarine airport and where I turn right off the road in to my works street is a lot off loose stone and debris and each day was getting more and more and I had to focus more and more not to slide the bike while braking to stop at the lights. I emailed Hume council and within a day or so the roads were swept and clean. I have still altered my route slightly to be on the safe side but at least it has cleaned the path for bikers.

    Wow pushing for 1,5 hours is a mighty effort. Only if it happened closer to highway 31 perhaps if any bikers were around maybe they could have given a hand.

    At least you are well.
  6. My mates girlfriend snapped her cable the other night we changed it out on the side of the road with our shitty bike toolkits. Lucky our mate had a cbr250 wreck in his garage. It's hard to get your hands in with the fairing on but its possible.
  7. Lol, yeah there was no way i'd just leave it there, i walked it home.
    Clutch cable replaced after a quick trip to the wreckers, it was ripped just under the ignition.
    Now to get back on and keep practicing. Thanks all for the help.
  8. Hehe, will do, one of the guys that helped me up did pour some beer on the offending slick. I doubt it really helped but it was a nice gesture.