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first off (minor)- need some advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by xoraak, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Hi all-

    %$@# and *$!@! #@**%

    Ok. That’s out of my system now. :evil:

    Had my first ‘oops’ moment on the way to work this morning.
    Coming up to the lights in Melbourne cbd, cnr of little Collins and King st, red light reaction time was piss poor and I grabbed a handful of front brake- lost the front and dumped the bike on it’s right side.

    I came off ok, bit of bruising/strains on ankle and knee, but otherwise fine.

    Bike has scrapes on exhaust, and scuffs on mirror, and rear brake pedal has bent back on itself.

    My questions are…

    How hard would it be to bend the brake pedal back into position? Anyone done this before?
    Kinda thinking the trusty ol’ monkey wrench/pliers aint gonna do the trick. Might have to get it done at the shop?

    Also, draggin jeans have copped a bit of a tear in two places on the knee, the Kevlar is fine and completely intact, but the jeans material has 2 holes about the size of 5cent coins.
    Should they be alright to ride in?

    Cheers guys
  2. I have to bend brake pedals back religiously everytime i hop on (or back on :LOL: :LOL: ) a dirt bike! :p

    I use multigrips and pliers :p
  3. How do you bend brake pedals religiously? Scream "Move god damnit! Come on!! Jesus!!!!!" while straining with the pliers? :)

  4. No, you can only do it on Sundays........
  5. Bugger beat me to it!

    But i also pray that I stop hurting while i bend the pedal too :p
  6. Especially if it snaps half-way through the process and you bark your knuckles on the vice, or the bench!!
  7. Thank Dog you got off lightly. Another accolade for draggins I see, bet you are glad you bought them. Squids please note.
  8. Yeah no vice and bench when I'm doing it, generally im covered in dirt and rushing to get back on the bike and catch the bloke in front :p
  9. indeed... if not for the mighty kevlar, no doubt I'd be nursing a pretty faffed knee right now.
    will prob be buying something with armour for next pair of pants though, would have helped with the swelling :eek:
  10. If you can get the brake lever off all you need is a hard surface and a large hammer. Bending the metal will make it more brittle, probably won't snap when you bend it back (depending on how far it's been bent) however there's a chance it may snap next time the bike is dropped. Heating the metal with an oxy-torch can solve this problem though.
  11. thx guys...
    looks like i'll be bashing away tonight!
  12. took a torque wrench to the pedal, hell of a lot easier then I thought it would be! Pedal is back in place.
    thanks for your help guys :D
  13. I do hope that doesn't mean you did what it sounds like you did with a torque wrench.

    If so, I wouldn't be using that torque wrench for fitting any critical components......
  14. On the lever I would be a little suss , I have seen them bent back into position and then break for no reason after wards , If it was me I would replace it and keep the old one as a spare.

    The pants I am sure you could get patched by the guys at Dragging Jeans.

    B :butt:
  15. Not for no reason - it's called "cold working", bending metal cold makes it more brittle and susceptible to breaking (try bending an empty aluminium can a few times and see what happens). Can be overcome by heating and tempering, shouldn't be a problem if it's only been bent slightly - otherwise it is a good idea to look at replacing it.
  16. Those are stigmata...