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First off - lowside low speed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lovefist, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Had my first off yesterday on my first decent length ride- lowsided it into the gravel near Kinglake. Thankfully I'm alright- just a bit of a sore forearm. The bike copped a ding on the tank and the chassis bent where the engine oggy knob attaches, but it started ok after the spark plugs dried out.

    What went wrong: object fixation. I came into the corner a bit too quick, and instead of looking through the corner, I stared at the gravel and applied the brakes. As soon as the front wheel hit the gravel it went straight out from under the bike.

    All in all it was probably a good thing that it happened- I learned a valuable lesson: keep it on the black stuff!
  2. gravel is the devil. sorry for your loss. love the name
  3. Tis a slippery beast
  4. target fixation
  5. I'll be the rude one. WTF were you doing out at Kinglake? They aren't learners roads. I hope you weren't on the St Andrews Rd.

    Edit. Bent frame doesn't sound good. Might want to get it checked out.
  6. i have done that st andrews rd 4 times, i been on my l's for 3 months, love that road, but i must admit, i take that section so freakin slowly lol
  7. I don't think any riders have died there since they dropped the speed limit, but it was 1 or 2 a year. One of the HART instructors lives in Kinglake and according to him there's still bike crashes most weekends.
    I ride it quite often and love it but its hard work. Still think there are better roads to learn on.
  8. agreed twistngo
  9. Oggy knobs suck b@lls in a real fall!
  10. That is rude and also stupid. A learner can go out onto those roads if they wish, it depends on their individual skill level and how steep a learning curve they are happy to accept. For someone who has never ridden and got their permit on the weekend, not the best idea, it could just as easily be someone who has been road racing for six years and has only become old enough to get a permit/license.

    Regarding the incident -
    You've reinforced the 'you go where you look' principle.
    When travelling on a road that you suspect has gravel on it, travel in a wheel track as they seldom have gravel in them. It collects in the centre of a lane and on the outsides.
    Grabbing the front brake wouldn't have helped things as you will tend to run wide and you've loaded up the front end that is heading into gravel.
    Most of the time, if you tip it in harder, you will make it around. bikes are quite capable, its the nut behind the bars that is the limiting factor.

    With frame damage, I hope you have insurance. If you do, take it to an assessor and it will likely be written-off. This is an example of why I don't like sliders where they have a single mounting point & especially just to the frame.

    Hope you've learnt from this and file it away for the future.
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  11. To Tuonop:

    My thoughts exactly. I learned a decent lesson, and one I won't forget soon. Grabbing the front brake was what sent me over; just need to look through the turn and woulda been fine.
  12. That's good mate. The most dangerous rider is one who refuses to learn.
  13. lol!!!!
  14. ......the fist??....8-[
  15. My dad used that road for my first ever L's drive; much like birds that throw their chicks out of the nest to learn to fly.

    And the closest I've been to crashing in driving since 2002 was 20 minutes into the aforementioned drive - is instinct the best form of car control? gotta say I rate it highly otherwise I would have put a 1993 ford festiva into the grille of some massive white truck.

    (without wishing to be too articulate, I'm going to suggest my less that jupiter sized balls will prevent me testing this theory when I get 2 wheels).

    Awesome road though.