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First off, hopefully the last

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gavinl, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Went to Dinner Plain via Hotham today, left at 8.30am, had a great ride up to Hotham then Dinner plain, had lunch and started heading back down to Albury.

    Noticed lots of oil slicks on the corners so taking it easy and slower than normal, approx 40km from Bright and 10km from the summit, when I notice I'm in the middle of a huge slick that didn't become apparent due to the lighting conditions. Everything goes into slow motion during the lowside until I hit the road, then I'm rolling along the ground for 10-15 meters all the while thinking this armour isn't doing much for me.

    Once I stop rolling I somehow drag myself to the shoulder, sit up and notice the bike is gone. I sit up, my riding buddy pulls up next to me and we go looking for the bike. We follow the road scars to the bank and see it resting in brush about 20 meters down the embankment.

    Eventually an ambulance arrives, and patches up my knees. I can walk around but it hurts. Aside from bruised ribs, bruised hips I'm ok.

    A copper turns up, and mentions a report about some guy in a late 1960's era holden ute with an open barrel of something in the back, driving like a maniac and spilling the contents on nearly every corner (wannabe drifter?) (apparently he responded with a middle finger when gestured at). Last seen in Harrietville, unfortunately nobody noted the plate. I hope he's caught, but probably won't.

    The copper takes a breathalyser test, checks my license and says he won't charge me with careless driving (apparently it's a default charge in single vehicle accidents) He then directs the downhill traffic whilst my friend stops the traffic going uphill when the tow truck turns up, blocking both lanes for about an hour as my bike is recovered.

    At first I thought I slid on the oil that surfaces during really hot days on alpine roads (the roads are made with lots of oil to stop it degrading too badly in the cold), but the copper said it was spilt, he thought it was sump oil or similar. During the tow truck drive back to bright, we saw slicks on nearly every corner.

    Ride safe all

  2. Sorry to read about your off gavinl, but as you said it could've been a whole lot worse. Glad to see you're well enough to report on it.

    A pox on the asshole with the ute.
  3. **** happens. Glad you're okay.
  4. Dude, I totally empathise!!!!!!!!! Glad you're basically ok mate.

    Gav, I think you have earned yourself DAC #3. Cejay is number two... I'm number 1... see link in sig for my story...

    I sincerely hope karma get's that guy goos and proper.

    How bad is the bike??
  5. HE told YOU about the oil slick, and then brought up the issue of a careless driving charge?

    Wow. What a nice guy.
  6. wow! just wow!
  7. Damn :twisted:
    Its bad enough having to avoid the usual road surface hazards without some irresponsible asshole adding to it.
    Glad You were not seriously injured mate :)
    Your Reply ? :
    " Thats ok, I wont bother charging You with IDIOSY " :shock:
  8. How long have you been riding? It seems to me to go on a pleasure ride in an alpine region which has plenty of twisty roads and potential of gravel, bark and oil that maybe you should have given it a miss until your draggins did arrive.

    Hope you heal up fast.
  9. Apparently it's a default charge in single vehicle accidents unless there is wildlife or something like an oil slick involved.

    He was pretty good, you hear stories about a minority that don't care or are less than helpful. He said he was a rider (as was the ambo and the tow truck driver). I gave him a call this morning and he was very helpful with a few details I needed for my claim.

    Anyway, some pics:


    The gouge in the middle is where the non rubber part of my bike made first contact.


    Where the bike came to rest, taken from the road
  10. Four times in 23 years of road riding I've come off due to spilt substances on road corners. Twice I had a pillion as well :eek: It's a frustrating situation when your almost killed by anothers idiocy. I hope the rtard is found, and presented with a large clean up and damages bill, along with a suitable fine and suspension.
  11. Inside of the corner too. Wouldn't be nice if there was an oncoming car.
  12. It's mostly untouched on the right side, but the front windscreen is missing, front fairing is split down the middle through the headlight and the left mirror/indicator smashed. Would have taken more pics but the phone was out of memory.