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first North Korea propaganda - CHANNEL 9

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MT1, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. but their WMD's are aimed at Australia :deal:

    A US spokesman also said that North Koreastan had links to North Kiran, and therefore, links to the terrorists.
  3. well it wouldn't be surprise if we were in an area they could cover just because of where they are (but just not of much interest to them duh). Seems a pretty ham fisted way to try and make us fret over it though. Oo
  4. marines are stationed here. and subs. so would be of interest to them.

    just time to convince us invasion will be awesome , so support AMERICAAAA **** YEAH !!
  5. Dont kid yourself Suriag, theres an ICBM with a Kim Jong-un trollface painted on the warhead and its pointed directly at YOU, and the childrenz and the kittehs. Plus they travel at several times the speed of sound, which Im fairly sure is a hoon offence.
  6. So it would seem.

    I suspect they are also aimed at other countries.
  7. It might crash land on top of a few sea birds when it shits itself mid flight, otherwise I wouldn't worry.
    Nor am I particularly worried about "two million" troops that spend all day standing in the same spot and not moving, and have a march every second weekend as part of a sight seeing tour.
  8. I'm not sure the death of kittens is the best choice for breeding sympathy around here... :p
  9. Which is why it's a good choice for a little gentle sarcasm.
  10. I guess we'll find out in good time whether the US administration knows something, or haven't learned a thing.

    If it does happen (missile landing in South China Sea), it'll show that lil' Kimmy really is just the Generals' toy boy. It'll also show that they are running out of money again, and desperately need to extract some more 'humanitarian aid' under threats of violence. Perhaps Australia is perceived as better placed to provide some 'aid' than other countries...(?)
  11. True.