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first nod!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by hippo, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. this is probably not a big deal..

    but i got my first nod from another biker today!

    i was playing around the backstreets and passed another biker and he nodded!

    it makes me feel like a real biker, being recognised like that :D
  2. It is a great feeling.

    Just make sure you keep it up, there will be lots more to come ! :grin:
  3. +1 nod... now you have to nod to everyone and everything... Including cruisers...

  4. Yeahhh whats with people not nodding to cruisers

    Ok my bike is looking more like a harley these days
    being blinged up a lot since i bought it in April

    Yep am even getting nods N waves from harley riders

    BUT i assure you it is a Suzuki Boulevard N i nod to all bikes
    i dont care what you ride
    You are a fellow rider thats all i give a stuff about :wink:
  5. rofl, i love nodding to every 2 wheels rider i c(except for scooters lol), even got a nod from a copper today driving up to knox city
  6. Great feeling to be recognised as a real motorcyclist hey.. It shows respect on both sides. I nod to everything that moves. Im sitting here and nodding at my monitor right now.
  7. ahahahahaha :rofl:

    I always nod too. :grin:

  9. LMFAO........ :rofl:

    I hope its not nodding back at you........
  10. Yeah nods are awesome, I hate it though, when you look at those hard asses and wait to nod them and they dont even look back at you
  11. hey stealthassassin you gonna buy me a brand spankin new bike once I'm off my R-Date ain't ya..... :grin: I'm taking your nodding at the monitor as a yes :p

    I'm a nodder, occasionally I'll lash out and give a wave! plenty of nodders on the Adelaide=>norton summit=>mt torrens=>birdwood=>Adelaide run today....

  12. I still find it a buzz :grin:
    But sometimes you'll get a wave, which is great too!
  13. YAY!!! for nodding :LOL:
  14. I must argee there It is hard to get the guts up to nodd at another rider once a hard arse ignores you. I nodd at all riders. The scooter I once owned was hard to distinguish from a road bike from the front, and when i rode that i got nodded, I find it amusing now I have a real bike and i get nodded most times i've been out! I think i would wait for a scooter rider to nodd me before i nodded them I woudlnever become a hard arse, I guess you need to start somewhere on two wheels...
  15. Yep ... that 'nod' or 'wave' just gives you that warm and fuzzy " I belong " feeling :)
    I was on my way home the other night, turning left from Hammond road when I got a wave from a fellow rider who was proceeding straight ahead. He had stopped at lights. I felt bad cause I could not wave back ( I was negotiating a turn ) .. and not sure he saw my nod.
    Didnt want him to think I was a snob :LOL:

    If you are reading this .... 'HIGH FIVE' :grin:
  16. I reckon there is a bit of "nod politics" going on at least on the Gold Coast... I started nodding to everyone (on my cbr250rr) excluding scooter riders (sorry scooter riders, get a real bike) and soon discovered that basically road bike riders are the only people who consistently nod back.

    Most blokes on harleys look like they want to punch me, haven't encountered any "cruisers" yet, if that is the terminology for those massive bikes with stereo systems and probably fish finders in there somewhere... presumably they are all nice old folk...
  17. Yeah I didnt want to start another thread about the same thing so i'll just add it here. I got my first nod today :grin: Wasnt really a big deal but it made those next couple of hundred meters feel alot better.
  18. lol yay!

    went on a little ride yesterday with a few other netriders and didn't get many nods :( but quik_blat put me on the back of his ninja!! :D
  19. I have only been riding for a couple of months, and I remember my first nod.....and yeah, I too felt like I was part of a 'clan' so to speak...

    Now, I nod at most bikes. Cruisers and harley's get a nod from me if they are looking, but yeah, I too don't bother with scooters....I find they tend not be looking where they are going to start with therefore they aren't going to be looking at bikes.....lol (not 100% serious there, just exaggerating the half dozen scooters I have seen trying to rip the roads up)
  20. I got a nod off a guy and his pillion on Saturday morning. The first thing I thought of was this thread. I had a bit of a smirk on my face.

    I was thinking it must be a cool thing to get a nod. So will wait and see how many others I get. One thing I have found, people do tend to look at your bike a lot at lights and the like...

    Geez we must look cool. :cool: