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first nod!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tomm, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I got my first nod today from a bloke who looked like he'd been living on his bike. Dust covered older bmw of some kind (i'm guessing.. probably way off :p) with 'stich style clothes and an open faced lid. Saw him going the other way and i gave him a quick nod, probably with a smile ear to ear and i got the 'yeah it's that good' look.

    You know how it is when you just start riding and are nodding left and right- probably look like a nutter haha.

    Anyway I know you're all probably fed up of hearing these but I thought I'd share anyway. Ill try to make my way up to milton on the baby bandit sometime :grin:
  2. welcome....and congrats - look forward to seein u at milton soon...

  3. congrats on the nod :) i'm hoping to get to milton in next few weeks :) something always seems to come up!!!! :?
  4. Ah yes the old "Nod", it loses it's novelt very quickly, I ride so much that I have Repetitive Strain Injury in my kneck from nodding so much!
  5. I still get snubbed enough times that it's still a thrill to get the nod :grin:
    Welcome Tomm
  6. Noding does get old after awhile but by no means does it mean stop, just add a little extra while you do it, like pull a wheelie and then give the nod.
  7. my first ride on the road last weekend and it was awesome....i never really noticed other riders till i was on the road with em and got a couple of g`days, even from workmen lol....going back 2 Sydney this Sat for a visit and thinking of hiring a 250 and braving the Great Western H`way
  8. Everytime i go past another motorcyclist i give them the overly-ecstatic wave...

    most of the time the rider gives a nod, but only on a few occassions they didn't... i just grumble abit then move on...

    but i make sure that the rider sees me... :grin:
  9. nod away! I do!!
    Having seen Mordeth13's yeah yeah yeah yeah "hello kitty" wave, I've been thinking of adopting my own "Uncle Arthur" wave. So for those of you in the Melb west area, if you get the "uncle arthur" you'll know it's me!!!
  10. Is it the same person posting the Noddy picture in every similar thread ! It disturbs me how everyone just ignores it but guys, ITS NODDY...

    Anyway, I havent gotten a nod or a wave, I actually havent even had a rider coming in the opposite direction...Ive riden with others, even had random riders on the same way as me, just no one goin opposite :(

  11. It's an automated response to all nod threads.

    Here's a nod and a wave just for you!

  12. i dont need your pity nods !

    i got my first one yesterday morning, then i realised i was i nthe middle of going through a roundabout !

    got a few other nods through the day. best one was a guy on a cruiser, he nodded, i waved, he nodded and waved, i kept waving, man im a wanker :D

    ...also got a guy from a guy who was doing his lawns with a whipper snipper :(
  13. My very first nod was from a guy outside Peter Stevens after i had owned my bike for around 12 minutes.

    Yesterday i went to the video store and as i turned right around a round about i saw a bike in my mirror come along side, i looked over and it was a guy and a pillion, they both nodded at me, i nodded and they took off (bigger bike)

    Also i was going through a round about and a girl on a bike stopped to give way to me, as i was straightening out i gave her a wave, she didn't wave but you could see the smile on her face.

    Im having a great time.
  14. Can;t have been a BMW if he nodded.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I had a nod from a BMW rider and a Harley rider this weekend just gone. How special do I feel?!
  16. I got a clear smile and nod from a BMW rider... and it even looked genuine!
  17. I gave the "Uncle Arthur" to a group Just North of the You Yangs on the weekend...... got a very enthusiastic response from one of their pillions! :grin:
  18. i got a nod from a beamer rider... and the finger from a harley rider :cry:
  19. I got a nod from a Harley rider going the opposite way while I was in the cage \:D/

    it may have had something to do with the fact that I moved over so he could cut around the stationary traffic perhaps...... :-k