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First nod from a fellow rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Macca1983, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Just saying. Had my first nod from a fellow rider yesterday, gotta say I was a little chuffed! Finally on a bike!!!!

  2. Yes, I felt like that when I got my first one. And by the second one, I was actually in a position to respond, rather than battling some stupid noob issue caused by being distracted by someone actually nodding at me LOL.
  3. Did you nod back?
  4. aw, no .... not again...

    I think I've lost the will to live.
  5. left glove.
  6. ah, but lane splitting!
  7. I heart nodding threads....

    ...let's see how long we can keep this one alive for.
  8. What did the last one go for? 500 ~ 600 posts?
  9. Macca, even though im happy that you got your 1st nod, we dont like nodding threads, we have deleted so many in the past as its simply not an important issue in riding, i dont nod on purpose anymore for that reason

    Welcome aboard
  10. But can you do up your helmet with your gloves on????
  11. That only means you're in remission.
  12. Maybe we need a nodding section added to the forums :p

    And while we're at it, add a which glove first section.
  13. Allen, we have had a nodding section. It comprised all of NW Qld, half of Arizona and a big chunk of the Antarctic. It imploded under its own weight and was last seen orbiting the Great Attractor and providing a gravitational lensing window into the early moments after the big bang.
  14. I was having withdrawals.
  15. /me nods

    Welcome to riding
  16. I had my first today, I was super excited! I was in the left lane doing 80, guy came past real slow probably going like 82 or so, as he pulled level we both turned, looked at each other, then nodded, then kept on going. Awesome sauce
  17. Jeeze I thought it was because you were a cruiser rider, [-)
  18. oh snap!!! Does that mean smee is too?
  19. Greydog that is a skill l i haven't mastered. damn gloves!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.