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First night ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stefank, May 7, 2014.

  1. I've just been for my first night ride. It seemed pretty cruisy at first, around the corners down the hill, into the road along the bottom of the valley, just like normal, although it all seemed a little faster than what the speedo was saying.

    Then I went through the first set of traffic lights, and into an area where there were a lot more street lights. The shadows. Nobody warned me about the shadows. I was being overtaken by phantom riders, mainly up the inside. It didn't take long to realise that they were shadows of me. It took a lot longer to get used to it. At least I think I'm used to it now. Maybe.

  2. Hahaha the shadows suck! I set up ready to e-brake about 4 times on my first night ride, I thought there were cats and dogs about to leap in front of me in an attempt to kill me! Stupid, stupid shadows. I night ride at least once a week these days and those pesky cats & dogs don't bother me anymore so hopefully your ghost riders bugger off and stop trying to overtake and undertake you too :)
  3. Try night riding I the country. Every dark patch is a roo waiting to kill you. You get used to it, but it is different from daytime. Rain can make it more interesting with glare of car headlights on the droplets on your visor...
  4. I almost turned off on the way back home to do a couple of k around corners through the bush in the proper dark, but thought I'd leave that for another day (night). I think I'll build up to things like that gradually.
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  5. I had what both of you described last winter (pre dawn commute). Almost e-braked too Ness. This winter nothing. Long crusiy night ride through country & street lighting helped I think.
  6. You should be looking far enough ahead that you don't see your own shadow...
    Either that or going so fast it can't keep up
  7. Or get a ZX9R so you've something new to scare you;-)
  8. The power of peripheral vision. It works. Learn to use it to your advantage, it'll help immeasurably in your riding.
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  9. Exactly. I was annoyed by the fact that I was being distracted from this.
  10. Congrats the first night out tends to be a little worrisome with animals and the like.

    Can't say I've ever had those problems with shadows though.
    Only ever had problems with cages at night trying to get me to drag them haha.
  11. I don't have to worry about the last bit. A CB250 doesn't drag anything!