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First new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BugzR34, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Wife made me a happy man this week by saying maybe I should buy myself the bike I have been talking about for over a year.
    So went to dealer and test rode the MT09. I was pretty devo......
    The bike I have read about for so long was a disappointment. I couldn't believe how much confidence you lose with that suspension. Throttle was a little snatchy but you get used to it. It made me feel like a learner again as simple round about turns and bumpy sweeping corners were unnerving.

    So all those people who defend an MT09 I am sorry to say but it's not that good.
    I think if you are a shorter rider or are under 70kg then it's not too bad.
    So got back and told the wife the bike is shit.
    Then I said before we go let me test drive an xsr900.
    Maaaate, what a difference. The bike is higher and the suspension is that much more sorted.

    Still softer than my gixxer but much better tuned for my 84kg 6ft frame. So put a deposit down after a bit of negotiation and will pick it up next week. Was never into retro bikes but it will grow on me. Got the silver one.

    See you guys out there if you ever see me on the old road or around Syd, say hello. Still keeping the 600 for the odd track day. Xsr is too pretty.

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  2. Haha!! You nutter! Good work Bugz, cool looking bike.

    You should have had a spin on Lozza's MT with the suspension and the flash done - completely different bike.
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  3. #3 Jeffco, Jul 16, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
    I'm still getting over the wife saying go buy yourself a bike bit

    Congrats :)
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  4. Lol. Yeah I remember you talking about his bike LionzLionz. But I was still hopeful that the reviews were exaggerated.
    But nah the bike is wallowy as anything. It's a nice bit of kit and I thought about upgrading the suspension on the MT but cost is not too different to XSR once you mod it.

    Plus the XSR is higher so fit me much better. On the MT I was always sliding forward but XSR was more neutral position.
    Overall pretty happy as this is my first new bike so hoping to have a long termer on my hands. Now need to grow a beard and buy an open face helmet. Jk.
  5. Thanks mate. Yeah she is a good wife. Pretty stoked she let me spend my money.
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  6. you bloody beauty, make sure you take a big sniff of the new seat before you sit on it so you get that 'new bike smell' lol. congrats on the new ride, awesome!!!
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  7. Congrats! Bet you can't wait.
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  8. Thanks mate. Does this mean I am now part of the triple club. Mine is just not Italian :)
  9. We will discuss this at the next club meeting. This might cause chaos since we were unaware of any non-italian bikes.
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  10. what? there are bikes not made in Italy? when did that start?
  11. Heresy I say.
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  12. Just thinking....... you should have this in time for next weeks' track day, Bugz?? Sweet. At least we'll all be in the same place at the same time time to have a go. Nice one.
  13. Going to miss this track day LionzLionz. Will be going in Aug and Sep though. So will see you on Sep 03. Still have the 600 for the odd track day.
    Plan is to make xsr900 my main road bike, too nice for the track, I know how you feel now GeorgeOGeorgeO with not risking the MV any more :). Will try to come along to some of the group rides hopefully so can check it out.
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  14. I'm with you too Jeffco !
    I had to re read the part where wifey says.... lol !!
    Well done Bugz.
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  15. Maiden voyage today to the old road. Bike handles beautifully. I got home after 160 odd kms feeling fresh and not sports bike sore. Scrubbed the s20 in as well :). image. image. image.
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  16. Can I have your helmet? :sneaky:
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  17. Lol. It's a nice helmet aye. Spent many sweaty rides in though so not sure you would like it.
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  18. But it would go so well with my bike ...............o_O you would have to disinfect it for me....by the way, love your new bike :)
  19. Thanks mate, I am enjoying the new bike. You are the second KTM owner to compliment my helmet. It is a pretty close shade of orange must admit.
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  20. Nice bike mate,gotta love a naked bike.
    Just needs twin rear shocks :)
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