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First "New" bike-CBR250R - problem...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Julz123, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Hey fellow NR's!

    Got my first bike delivered to me on Saturday morning: Honda 2011 CBR250R ABS.

    As it was a long weekend in QLD and had saved all my odd jobs for the 3 days.. like making a gate, fixing the roof bla bla bla, I had almost zero time to have a play with the bike... until last night.

    First thing I noticed, the blue backlit LCD panel flickers a little. It doesn't stay constantly backlit at all. However it mostly stays backlit on the right side of the LCD panel. Still, it doesn't seem normal to me at all. I'd imagine riding it at night would be ridiculous. Of course I didn't pick this up when I checked the bike before purchasing it in the day time.

    Question: Has anybody experienced this before with a flickering backlit panel? And if so, is it easy to fix by a mobile motorcycle mechanic, and would you say it would cost me in the $500+ to fix?

    Secondly, I was under the impression there would be a dip stick somewhere to check the oil. My neighbour used to ride bikes 'back in the day', and he came over to check the bike. He goes, we just used our pinky finger in the oil tank to check the oil level. So after taking his pinky finger out of the tank, his finger had bare any oil on it at all. I did it too, nope, hardly a drop of oil.

    Question: Is there a dip stick for a CBR250R, or is there somewhere else I need to be looking at?

    Lastly, my neighbour said, just because its got a safety certificate, don't take it anywhere far if any where at all before getting a proper full service first. Reason he said that was the motorbike dealer didn't give me any service history paperwork at all, zilch, zip, nada. Not even a manual.

    So I have no idea what's been done to the bike since they received it from the previous owner/auction/God knows where....

    I apologise for such a newbie post. Clearly I don't know anything about bikes hence why I am putting myself out there to hopefully learn more from you all.

  2. Id suggest having it gone over front to back by a reputable mechanic. But thats just me, as for the display, sounds like a dry jointed connection somewhere.
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  3. Dodgy backlight could be just a bad connection.
    Check all the leads and ensure they are fastened securely.

    Oil level - most bikes don't have dip sticks, there will be a sight glass for you to check the level.
    Make sure the bike is level and look through the sight glass - the oil should be between the max and min lines.

    The advice from your neighbour about getting it serviced before any long rides is good advice.
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  4. welcome aboard :] + 1on what the gentleman above have said
  5. Most backlights in cars and bikes are replaceable bulbs. Not sure about your specific model but may just be a bulb needs replacing or is loose in the mount. It is a cheap budget bike after all so I'd be surprised if they used an expensive TFT panel or LEDs or something like that
  6. Does it just flicker at idle, and does it go away at revs? that could indicate a regulator.

    Chances are it's just the last connection behicnd the console, however. You can pull this apart yourself fairly easily. Look for oxidation, loose pins, WD40 and put it back together. You can get paste to help with the connection.

    The other possiblity is a bulb, that hasn't completly blown. The filement is making a breaking. I've had this recently on a parking light. Had it a few times in the past too.
  7. Just quietly I'd ignore everything your neighbor says........
    If that's how they used to check oil he's going back decades since he has a bike.

    There's general safety checks you can do before you ride. If it gives you peace of mind get a mechanic to look at it. But it's probably not needed if you do some checks yourself.
    Not a bad idea to get the oil changed if you don't know when it was done last.
    How many kms has it done ?
  8. Oil level window at 2.55

    Check with bike in upright position
  9. Yep, definitely would give me peace of mind getting a thorough check. Will get a mobile mech to check it out. Have no idea when the oil was changed last. It has done 22000km.
  10. Thank you x 100000!
  11. Cheers for the advice, definitely much appreciated. I'll organise a mobile motorbike mechanic to come to my place as I don't feel 110% safe riding it without a thorough check.

    As for the light, thanks again. It sounds it "could" be a relatively cheap fix. Fingers crossed. Will do some research on how to find this backlit bulb.

    Someone mentioned above, sorry I forgot your name that does it flicker when idle: yes. I rev it and it flickers a little less, but it's no where near being a constant stable light.

    I know its only a lightbulb, but kinda soured my experience so far with the bike as I wanted to take it riding at night when "no one" is on the road for practice. But can't exactly it till i find the cause of the flickering light :(
  12. You say they didn't give you a manual, not entirely sure about the 250, but on my 500 there is actually some straps under the seat designed exactly as the place to keep your manual. Use the key to open the storage under the back seat, then I think it was one bolt (maybe two) to take out to lift the main seat. Manual with service history etc is stored there on my bike, it must be right as I didn't get a call from my dealer asking where my service book was!!
  13. Hey Smithy, yep I found it the other night. I downloaded a PDF Honda manual. Had no idea you could access the rear seat, lol, such a noob. Anyway all the manual pages were stuck together, thank God for the PDF. But still no log book, however I saw a sticker left by the last motorbike mechanic and the date it was serviced. Gonna call them up and see they can tell me more about the bike.

    Also, did you get a helmet 'chain/cable'? I had no idea what the cable/chain was then the PDF said it was to lock your helmet to the bike. Looks like it could be cut very easily. Do you use yours?
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  14. People do cut the straps off helmets and damage them when left on the bike...I would advice carrying it on you or locking it in a topbox/bag
  15. Oh that's good you found it still. Sounds like previous owner was very excited with their bike! ;) I think my log book is separate from the manual, so if it's not there, the other mechanic might have it. Good luck with contacting them.

    The one with my bike (fairly sure the one my mate got with his 300 is the same), is a cable with a rubber / plastic sleeve over it. I guess it would take a fair bit of effort to get through and so far no one has taken my helmet from either Carindale or Garden City and if they tried there would be a fair few cameras to pick them up. It might depend where the hook under your seat is as to if you use it or not. Mine is at the front, so my helmet easily sits on the seat with the cable coming out between the two seats, I think on the 300 it was out the side, so the helmet would have to hang? Not sure if I would be so happy with that.
  16. Don't tell me that!?!?!!? I was considering getting a box, but haven't looked into them much. Bought new bed sheets last night, they were a pain in my backpack! :D
  17. Bloody A-holes!!!!
  18. Yea, you certainly find yourself hauling stuff around. I'm dangerous shopping. Came out of the Kmart last week after buying a shopping trolley load of quilts, pillows, a clock and wall picture...then remembered I brought the bike!

    Look at the Rjays popup bags, you do need a rack which is normally easy to pickup second hand however you can fit a person in them.
    Not as secure as a box, but I've had nothing go missing from mine.
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  19. Lolz, a little TOO excited, thanks for telling me that. Ewwwwwwwww!

    yeah, nah, there was a plastic folder with the salesman's biz card it in, but with nothing else in the folder, which I guess it where the log book should be. Dangnabbit. Makes me think the previous owner or the dealership is hiding something from me :\

    Yep, that's what I got too. A thin twisted cable with loops on both ends with a plastic sleeve over it. Carindale and Garbo? bam, I also shop there too. But mostly Wynnum Plaza and Crapalaba S/C.
    Maybe I'll 'invest' in a RJAYS helmet to when I go the local shops. At least the cab fare wont be much to go home and grab me Kabuto and retrieve me bike.
  20. Just be careful with the boom gates at the Westfields, my first encounter it wouldn't give me a ticket and after it finally did, it wouldn't accept it when I tried to leave. Then there is the whole, "where do I put the ticket now?" issue, but I worked out I can tuck it under the petrol cap flap bit whilst riding out.