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First near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ychinchin, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Had my first ride in the rain tonight .. don't think that has anything to do with the near miss though.

    Almost home in the left lane to turn left and a P plater Mazda in the middle lane.
    I was about a car length behind giving them room if they wanted to merge left, but as we were coming up to the lights where the left lane swings off in the other direction, they start slowing down and I end up next to them and I think it is fine as it was like 10m to the lights and that they didn't wanna go left.

    Then a sudden swerve into my lane and I am up against the kerb, got my foot up about to kick the passanger window and she swerved back into her lane. At that point I could see the guy in the passenger seat freaking out and the girl driver had a smile on her face ?

    I slowed down so I could ride up next to them and give them a WTF but she just slowed behind me so I couldn't be bothered and turned off into my street.

    I guess there will be many of these moments to come ....
  2. Sadly, you may be right.

    If she was smiling then it probably means she knows what happened. If she didn't know, she may have tried to run you over in retaliation. And if she had stopped you may have ended up trading insults or blows with the boyfriend, who probably didn't know what was going on.

    On the bright side, you were switched on enough to anticipate something coming, and stay mostly out of the way of it. Good work. There have been a number of people here in just the last week who have had similar things happen with less favourable results.
  3. I don't think there is any reason for her to be smiling. It makes me very angry when people come close to paralyzing you and are completely unapologetic. It sort of lowers the standard of human life. I have this funny idea that human life is valuable, but apparently she doesn't think yours is. I recon that kind of philosophy deserves a smashed window, much more so than merging into you.

    Also there was a very good post a on here about how to position yourself in the rain at night to avoid merging cars. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=120544&page=2
  4. i've had the smiling girl before.
    scaring the motorcycle to show of to her boyfriend.
    not good.

    p plate, young girl, mazda :deal: = that was enough warning for you. notice how many small dints and scratches it has. fewer cagers are more dangerous on the roads. don't hover around beside them. if you can't avoid being beside them, be level with their front wheel. and not very far from it.
    = she knows you are there. your presence there is disconcerting to any driver. even if she's on the phone, you are distracting her. you've boxed her in.
    = she dose'nt know you're watching her, so she can't give you a fright for her amusement.
    = you can see the bonnet out of the side of your eye without looking at it. you will have time to swerve and accelerate to avoid.

    just my 2cents. probably not intended for noobs. but you idiots keep crashing lately. too much of what they teach you for your L's does not apply to the real world. buffer too much the cagers will eat you alive.
  5. Mmm.

    I think it was monkeyman that said the best buffers are other cars.

    power is your friend in that situation. And gang colors.

    Ride like you own the road friend. Don't ride like you're sharing it. Especially not with some punk-ass p-plate mo'fo.
  6. Don't forget you have a horn. You get a sense for it after a while and can predict who is going to do it. (or you learn to assume they all will).
  7. I had some fat bastard almost take me out as I was on the way to Streetmasters place to install my heated grips. This bloke must have been in his 50's at least, driving an SS commodore, was coming out of the Burnley tunnel and I think he was jumping on to monash fwy from the city, he just didnt see me intended to move 4 lanse across in one go, and the dim witted idiot ignored road work signs and almost went into signs, thining about it now, even though he had s passenger I reckon the wanker might have had a drink or something, or just plain arsehole?? But, you DO get that.. Unfortunately. Keep your wits about you folks..
  8. Nothing scares me more then P plater girls in mazda 2's (or other microcars, but mazda 2's seem to be the worst)

    Holy shit they are the wost drivers on our roads, and where i live there are loads of them (lower north shore sydney)
    they scare the living shit out of me even when im in the cage.

    standard offenses include:
    texting all the time
    generally having NFI about whats going on or how to drive
    randomly jumping on the brakes mid corner
    never looking or doing proper head checks etc
    waiting until the last moment to brake for traffic lights causing you to start planning evasive action.

    Glad to hear you got through your first near miss, i had my first real near miss today as well.

    Give them a wide berth, whether your on the bike, in a car, bus or on foot.
  9. Goddie, it's quite common for agressive lane changes there, and in particular, just before the Burnley Tunnel. Coming home from work, I get on the freeway from around the servo, and I immediately HAVE to cross 4 lanes in order to miss the Kings Way/Montague St/tunnel lane closure situations. But I look VERY carefully (I'm in a cage) for bikes before, and as, I do it. The product of riding myself. If everyone had to do a bike course before they got their licence maybe they'd be more aware too. I was a changed driver from the time I did my very first familiarisation course.
  10. I hear you buddy.

    In the recent car bashing thread i started i think i singled out mazda 2's as satan's choice of chariot. However, being a p-plater myself, a mazda 2 with a p plate simply makes it easier for me to choose which driver to have a perve on ;)
  11. Last Friday I turned left into a main road from a side road as the whole road was empty, I just went straight into the right-hand lane as I had to turn right a few hundred meters down. I see this car leaving the gas station (from the left) as well and and as I accelerated (It was a 70 zone), this idiot moves across all lanes (without indicating) into my lane. I had to break hard so as not to run into him and just a few meters down, the lane turned right (and at a red light), he slows down. I pull over next to him and see a white haired dude (Not old) sitting comfortably with his head leaned back on the seat with NFI as to what had happened. How hard is to lift that effin back from your seat and do a proper head check when changing lanes? And FFS, effin indicate!!!

    I have this habit of quickly glancing at the tires of the car in the front which normally gives me an idea as to what the driver is intending to do and this normally happens before they indicate.

    Anyways, ychinchin - am glad that you are ok and you were more aware during the wet.

    Ride safe!
  12. What is it about female + P-plate + Mazda 2's? I had one (dark blue) try and merge into me (through an intersection) this afternoon. Backed off and hit the horn so no biggy really. What peeves me off is how they completely ignore you after such an incident. A simple "sorry" acknowledgement wave would go a long way but that happens so rarely these days.
  13. LOL.

    I had posted this in another thread before, about what i call these 'princesses.' (yuppie types) More prominent in the lower / north shore. Whilst they're extremely easy on the eyes they're death to hang around in, especially in traffic. EVEN WORSE IN REAL LIFE AWAY FROM THE ROADS. Have a quick perv if you must, then RUN! Run as far away as you can!

    My experiences with them is usually in VW's (beetles/golf.)
  14. That is one of the good things about the p-plate system. It gives you a warning of who the sh1t drivers are and to give them a wiiiide berth
  15. I've personally witnessed a girl laughing because she was in an accident and thought it was funny as it was something new for her. It was a car bingle but people often don't see motorcyclists as anything other than another vehicle and have no thought for the consequences a small collision might have.
  16. If your foot came in contact with the car, then she hit you. You should report it as a hit and run. Tell them you pulled in around the corner to get out of traffic and swap details but she kept going.

    A knock on the door from the cops will ensure she'll use her eyes in future.
  17. I was 'out of the tunnel' heading east at the time though :(

  18. Trust me buddy, i've dated 3 of them.

    I went to a private school on the lower north shore... The things I have seen.

    The things i have seen...

    They also frequent mazda 3s, feistas, polos, golfs, imprezas (cheap ones) and focuses.

    But seriously. The things i have seen.
  19. Yeah, don't agree with that. Its funny how older riders on bigger bikes have different and completely useless techniques for dealing with traffic. Most of an older rider's advice it is absolute gold, but occasionally, there is some absolutely useless stuff for a learner.

    In front or behind, never beside. In your example, you are relying on:
    1. She has actually seen you. A-pillars and just general blindness leaves too much doubt for me.
    2. You catch the move before its too late and can get the bike out of the way. Problem with this is: you've still gotta concentrate on what is infront of you AND as a learner, you are often riding a POS that won't move that quick.

    In the OP's situation, you've gotta get on the brakes and maintain your position. Or get hard on the throttle and get around her. Hanging around beside cars will get you fkd up.

    You can never "buffer" too much. But you must always be proactive. Maintain control of the situation. If you are always in control of the situation, you will never be caught out by the f-wit p-plater in the mazda or blind old bat in the volvo or any other cager stereotype.
  20. I have only seen THOSE things on the internets.
    i am still a virgin