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First near miss x 2

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Electro, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. I've been riding for a couple of months now and have not even had anything close to a near miss... until this morning.

    I was in the far left lane on the calder freeway riding to work just before the keilor rd exit I saw this silver hatchback move into the middle lane from the far right lane just a car length or two infront of me. I slowed down expecting her to move into my lane - she didn't... I saw her brakes go on and I waited a few seconds to see if she was goin to move into my lane but she didn't move in. Not until i went to pass her. I got halfway down the side of her before I realised she was gonna hit me so I hit the brakes pretty hard, had to swerve into the emergency lane and narrowly avoided an accident.

    I started fuming at this point. I passed her on the right side and gave her a stare and a few words and she just had her hands covering her face in shame. She didn't even want to look at me. I was going to smash her window in in anger.

    I calmed myself down a little only to have the same thing happen again 3-4 minutes later however this time I'm in the far right lane and some idiot in a black ford territory nearly runs into the side of me while he was changing into my lane without even looking. Again I got a chance to practice my e-braking and sweving skills (hey i'm getting good at this now). I pass him and find out he is txting on his phone totally oblivious to what had just happened. This was an older man (like in his late 40's early 50's) that you'd think would have a little more sense than to drive like that. I guess not.

    At this point I was blood red. I felt like running my bike straight into him. I wanted to kill him. But very quickly I calmed down and realised if I start riding recklessly I'm gonna really injure myself. Past posts of a similar nature which I had read here straight away popped into my head and all I thought was just calm down - these things are gonna happen - no point getting fired up and doing something stupid.

    In the end it was kinda funny how nothing had happed in the passed couple of months and then 2 near misses 5 minutes apart. Go figure.

  2. I've started to cover the horn with my thumb when I see somebody looking as if they might possibly maybe just maybe merge on top of me. I read that experienced riders who tend to use their horn more often also tend to have fewer accidents (compared, say, to experienced riders who just use evasive moves like the ones you described).

    There is so much research out there that says we are hard to see - even if we wear high-viz gear - that it makes sense to me to use your horn to get a driver's attention. That woman you mentioned is a classic case. You could see that she was thinking about changing lanes, but she didn't look carefully enough. A bip of your horn just as she began to move lanes, not even a full blast, might have been enough for her to realise that you were there.

    I know that I hesitate to use my horn in the car because it is aggro and rude. But I'm training myself to be more pro-active when it comes to letting cars know that I am there.
  3. I let fly with the horn in the car, so im pretty trigger happy on the bike's horn.

    Ive had one near miss, and that shook me up a fair bit. But two in a row?? Thats just not cool..

    At least you know you will pass the "swerve" test when we go for the open's test eh? :D
  4. Remember, a rider's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

    Glad to hear you're fine Electro, but yea..as you've said..no point getting riled up over another idiot causing you grief. Usually it'll just escalate to the point where he'll want to run you over. I recall someone else posting on here riding away from a crazy cabbie a while back.

    Always remember, your safety > all
  5. Im in the same boat, been riding 3 months and recently got my full licence.

    I dont know whether the L plate is just a im new to riding so please for all accounts just ignore im here and try to kill me as many times as possible sticker or what..

    Since the full licence i havnt really had many issues - or this could be because sub-conciously im analysing everyone more...

    I installed a 139db nautilus air horn on my 250R Ninja.. and i tell you what, its safer then leathers it is..

    Just a bip, and the fully laidened semi next to you automatically knows your there *more so because trucks just start to move then look, but a blast of the airhorn and they think they are moving on a truck and it instantly get their attention.

    Total cost of the unit, was about 150 dollars, completely reversable and purchased the wiring kit off a company called eastern beaver. Probably took about 15 minutes to install mounted in the stock horn position.

    If you want more info PM me, and if your in Melbourne, I'll even take some time out to help with the install...

    Always like to see riders safe..

    Just last week at the end of the eastern freeway, bike infront of me middle lane, and a black ford territory started to move ontop of it going round on to punt road and was cm from hitting the bike and the poor bastard had no where to go, came up next to the territory and swerved back at him yelling how do you like it! Bike rider (gsx-600) shook my hand at the next lights and thanked me.. It was a good day...

    Anyway, back to the OP.. any questions just PM.

  6. What is it with Ford Territory's?

    I mean, I've driven one and the visibility is about the same as a submarine, but the attitudes of most the drivers seem to be so arrogant. I pulled right up next to the window of one who didn't see me yesterday and the blonde bint behind the wheel seemed to suddenly be suffering from some kind disorder similar to Helen Keller.

  7. Me too, in fact if I'm riding amongst traffic (which I try to avoid) I cover the horn until I'm clear so there's no delay in giving a beep if necessary to let someone know I'm there.
  8. Don't rely on the horn. It isn't a magical tool that will stop someone merging on you. The only person you can rely on is yourself and to use your observational and riding skills to a.) not get yourself in that situation and b.) if you do, take evasive action.
  9. Only reply you seem to get in these parts. :rolleyes:

    I don't think for a second he was suggesting that instead of covering brakes/looking for room in the next lane he just rips the horn. Everyone now and then when I'm heading home in the bus lanes you get cars creeping out halfway into the bus lanes to try and squeeze into a gap because they don't see a big ****ing white thing screaming towards them. First thing I do is brake, and once I'm sure I'm clear I play around with my thumb.

    Hardly relying on it, methinks.
  10. Good point. I didn't want it to sound as if I was recommending using the horn in place of vigilance and evasive action. I was recommending using it in addition to vigilance and evasive action. It is another tool in our toolbox that might just help us avoid an accident, but most people don't even think of using it. Or, as one person described to me in vivid detail, they see a car merging on them but can't reach the horn by feel because they never use it.

    What I'm suggesting is that it can be good practice to find the horn button before you need it, so that if the need does arise you have one more option available to you.
  11. Since installing the Yoshi on my bike, cars seem to take more notice now. I've noticed that in incidents where a driver would normally pull into my lane, they wait till I pass before trying now.
  12. whats a yoshi?
  13. A fictional game character that debuted in Super Mario World.
    Oh, that or the Yoshimura brand of aftermarket mufflers.
    I guess they both spit fire and kick arse.
  14. I like for the former.
  15. I permanently ride with one hand on my horn.
  16. I fully support your use of the word "bint"