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First near miss with Video

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Teamsherman, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Just riding home after test riding some bikes, you can see that i felt unsure of the drivers intentions so decided to throttle up to get past him, and the exact thing i though may happen actually happened. Should have just changed lanes but he'll know to check his blind spot and i'll know to change lanes next time.

  2. Yep changing lanes would have been a good option, as would slowing down.

    lol work that 1 out
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  4. When someone's driving stupidly slow its a good indicator that they are stupid and going to do something stupid.

    Also filtering would have got you well out of trouble, numpties would have been behind you to run into each other.

    Glad you didn't get squished.
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  5. IMHO I think you were adequately buffered, good riding.
  6. things like this are why its imperative to always be in the powerband when riding, especially on lams bikes. but yeah good that you didnt get hit.
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  7. Sorry Mate I saw you but couldn't give a fig....:)
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  8. if you had been travelling in excess of 300kph, you would have been several blocks away before that car even entered your lane,
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  9. I thought you going to get hit by the car on the right. It seemed to take a long time for you to get past it. I wouldnt be sitting there in his blind spot for that long If I could avoid it.
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  10. I had two of these today between Homebush bay and st Ives hart training centre.

    One was ok coz traffic was still slow and I braked, the other came right across fast I had to switch lanes to miss him ... I gave him a good eyeball and head shake :p
  11. just another day on the road .
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  12. A least you used your horn and didn't rev bomb like one guy in here does with monotonous regularity.
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  13. Yeah you could tell by the "body language" of the car he was gonna do that.

    But at the end of the day mate we can all sit here & tell you what you already know, main thing is you knew where you went wrong & you're still here to tell the tale!

    He probably won't check his blindspot next time though buddy.. lol
  14. The only thing I noticed you do wrong, was think the horn was going to do anything. Did he stop coming over because he heard you, or saw you...all he needed was his radio on, and and you can cross out hearing you. (A safer assumption)

    You had a clear, no stress escape route. You need to train yourself to use them, instead of a degree of reliance on your horn. Moving across into the lane to your right, would have been the safest of choices. No excuse for not using it.

    I don't blame the driver at all, as I expect he didn't see you, or did but didn't realize you were accelerating, perhaps thinking he was just going to merge in front of you.
    You on the otherhand, had a great view of everything, had an inkling about that car, and then rode straight into a danger that you anticipated, and then didn't ride out of it.

    Don't be offended. I am NOT having a go at you (except the horn bit). But I AM speaking bluntly, mainly to the greater audience, because what you captured on video is an absolutely bread and butter typical event that occurs time and again to most riders. Noobs especially need to be made aware.
    It is to them that I aim my remarks, while using your vid as a prime example.

    What would I have done? Depending on my mood I would have maintained my position, just to see what he would do after clearing the vehicle in front of you. Or continued on just as you did (anticipating the cars actions), and simply moved to the outside lane (The clear escape route), and left it all behind me as one big non-event.
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  15. You were asking for it to happen really Alan, weren't you? I'm even guessing you'd checked the right lane was clear just as you approached him.

    Sure, it would have been easy (and the most sensible i hasten to add) to move right beforehand and have had a non event. Raven is quite correct in his response.

    But, I've done it, i really think we've all done it......... Checked the escape route, tick, and bring on the dumb move. A good blast on the horn and a shake of the head i'd hope would have some effect on the cager. All the while knowing if it really came on top i can get across right quickly and safely.

    But obviously i'm always safety first these days ;)
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  16. I reckon you did well there.
    I always try and pick up something myself from these incidents and without having been there but having gone through the vid a few times I think if I was in that position I might have assumed the car was going to turn left. I probably would have held back and waited to see or gone into the right lane and got as far away from it as I could but I wasn't there.
    Lesson = assume it could be going anywhere.
  17. It won't happen again now that I'm getting a Z1000! I'll just do 200kph everywhere I go!!
  18. Here's hoping that all ends well for you :)
  19. OP,

    I recon theres a good chance that the cager checked his mirrors, saw you a mile off and took a year to merge after that, assuming you wouldn't move in that time.

    In my experience riding around Gosford (retirement capital of NSW), some oldies do their head check and then begin their merge as much as 3 whole seconds later. (Check for one second, look ahead, check speed, slow down a bit because it feels too fast, find the indicator then start merging.)

    When a bike goes from 30 to 70 in that time it blows their minds.
  20. Fixed that for you.
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