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First near miss for a newb

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by MeltingDOg, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Thought I'd share mine here! Only a little one but what the hell - first proper one in my first 6mths of riding.

    Pretty simple really. I was riding in the middle of the day in Indooroopilly in Brisbane approaching a large multilane round about (those who are familiar with the area will know it - the large one with the Audi (formally Ford) car yard in the middle of it).

    Approaching the roundabout, I was in the left lane, a white Triton was in the right. We both stop at the round about to give way, and when the coast is clear we both accelerate out into the roundabout. I'm a bit quicker off the mark so the middle of my bike is inline with the front of his ute when all of a sudden he changes lanes - no indicator, no warning. I jump on the breaks and horn at the same time and we narrowly avoid a collision.

    Given my position on the road it probably would have been better to accelerate away but for a few of things - its a round about so a tight corner, I hatve a pretty gutless 250 and I am a newb and was totally taken by surprise. I am pretty pleased, however, that I had the sense to remember 90% front brake, 10% back so I didn't lock up either wheel and still felt I had complete control of the bike.

    I guess the Triton driver was still looking behind him for oncoming traffic and maybe didn't realise he had changed lanes. He certainly heard my horn though, but refused to acknowledge me afterwards when I caught up with him again. Thats what annoys me the most - a little wave or an apologetic smile would have made me feel heaps better.
  2. hes a dick you can tell by what he drives
  3. Good job! You made him miss you, and you didn't throw yourself down the road.
  4. Good save. Don't expect any 'sorry' though...you're a motorcyclist therefore its YOUR fault!!

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me how people just DON'T see you do they!? You could be wearing a fluro vest & flashing light on your head & you'd still get hit!
  5. congrats on keeping your cool and yourself intact!!

    can never assume your are seen, by anyone!!
  6. Faired a lot better than the son of my mum's hairdresser... he got his L's three weeks ago and bought a new LAMS bike (unsure what) the same week. Commuting home from work two weeks ago he was negotiating a roundabout in Mona Vale (2 lane version) and had a woman in cage merge straight into him. Bruising, 2 broken legs and 6 months unable to work. He sees a silver lining though - she was put in the wrong and insurance is going to replace his bike with one off the showroom floor.
  7. But but but.... Vicroads and TAC said that we should wear fluro because then theyll DEFINANTLY see us... yep.... fark off... if theyre not looking theyre never gonna see us anyway.

    Glad youre ok OP.
  8. Personally a few thousand isn't worth 6 months unable to work and the injuries.
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  9. Why was he changing lanes in a round a bout?

    He should have set him self up to be in the correct lane for his exit before he got to it.

    It is even legal to change lanes in one?
  10. Welcome to motorcycling,no point whinging about it or expecting anything,get on with your life,
    Have it out on the spot or get over it.
  11. Nope, pretty sure in NSW atleast you cant change lanes once on a round about...
  12. I don't think that this particular round about would count as a round about anymore. There are three main directions out of it. The first has a set of lights with three lanes from the outside and two for those going around the roundabout. Down that side you have a carpark entrance and further down is the exit. Then continuing around the left lane exits and the two continue around. Then you have a three lane entrance and a new lane added at the inside of the round about. Then the next exit the left lane has to exit, the middle splits and the right continues around. Then you have a two lane entrance and another new lane added to the inside. Then the left two exit and the new right lane continues around, splits in two and then your at the lights again.

    If that sounds too complicated I am hoping this link works.
  13. that roundabout is a nice corner when there's no cars around, they've just resurfaced it! :)

    I've nearly come off in the rain a few times though lol (from going a little too fast into the corner ... hehe)

    heres a pic of the roundabout for those unsure, you can't see it, but for an extra level of complexity. The elevation of the land there, starts at the left and falls away to right.. quite a lot.

    notice there is no one single lane that goes around the whole roundabout, if you start on the right you end up in the middle... kind of thing...etc etc

  14. I used to deliver pizza out of the Pizza Hut joint which is on the right hand side near the top of the photo. A lot of bad drivers 'go wide' when rounding corners in the roundabout and don't even realise they've changed lanes.