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Featured First (near) accident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MyoMan, May 15, 2015.

  1. So. Melbourne on a Friday arvo is shit. Next time I'm going around the city.

    The day started great. I was riding like a pro all day. I went through Footscray and all was well. Next thing I know is there's a BMW 335i fool of Asians so close up my arse I couldn't see his headlights. I turned around and gave him the head shake meaning "WTF is your problem?" Anyway, I keep riding and go past him at the lights. He gets up my arse again when I have to brake and I was sure it was going to hit. Nothing phew. He backed off but swerved around me and floored it through the 40 zones. He was going so fast he almost lost it at one stage. I filtered past him again and looked in his window. There all fcuking texting. Grr!
    Whatever that wasn't the main drama of my day as I soon found out. At the corner of Spencer St and Latrobe the traffic was backed up. So much so that I missed most of the greens. When I finally got it however I was stuck in the middle with another cage behind me and a tram trying to turn. She was beeping like mad and kept getting closer and closer until "nudge". I felt that I know I felt that. And I could see the pedestrians going "she just fcuking did that!" I was pissed. I pulled up next to her and told her to pull over. She was on her fcuking phone!! Grr. "Pull over you hit me."
    "No. No. I didn't hit you." Imagine the voice of the maid from family guy.
    Anyway long story short I reported it to the cops (didn't press charges) and they're going to give her a scare.
    Btw no damage done. Until I pulled over parked the bike and fcuking dropped it. Grr. I'm currently sitting here waiting for my balls to grow back and my anger to go down.
    Now for the ride home.

  2. Deep breath, don't ride angry it affects your decisions. Good Luck on the ride home.
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  3. Sucks man - how frustrating!! Like cjvfrcjvfr said - don't ride angry. Grab yourself a coffee and go for a bit of a walk to calm down. Maybe the traffic will calm down a bit by then too.
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  4. Bugger dude.. If you're up for it tomorrow we can hit the practice session and grab a coffee..
    I would have come kept you company whilst you chilled a bit but im off for Korean BBQ tonight with work.. :)

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  5. Hey MyoManMyoMan. Bastids!! A big hug going your way Mr. Nothing but stupid fckers but at least you were aware of them.
    Don't. Ride. Whilst. You. Are. Angry. Please. :)
    As^^^ goid advice above maybe park and just window shop or people watch with a cup of tea or some water for a while...then throw the leg over and head home. You are okay.
    Let us know that you got home pls!
  6. Yeh we need to go for a ride. I'm working tomorrow 8-12. Anytime after that I should be free.

    Yeh I calmed myself down. I was just so annoyed. The officer was really nice
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  7. I can do 1pm .. i'm always down for a cruise! Perhaps some of the other westies can join in.
  8. I'm home now. And everything else went well. I'm usually angry in the cage not on the bike. I probably looked like a crazy guy parked on the side walk cursing to myself and giving the death stare to people walking past
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  9. Glad to hear you are home. :) Yep nothing like muttering swearing and pacing...gives you your personal space and then some, back from others pretty quick though!
  10. Who gives a sh!t what they think of you.

    You handled things, you're home, you've learned something.

    Now - knock the top off a couple of beers and look forward to your ride with JayteeJaytee tomorrow.....

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  11. I never do care what people think. :) I was an a you-fcuk-with-me-I'll-take-your-side-mirror-as-a-trophy sort of a mood on the ride home
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  12. Don't let it get you down. In life there are moments like that. You did what you can do now time to move on. Was there a lesson in there? As cjvfrcjvfr said, deep breath, get the head straight, then back to business.

    Glad you were not injured :)
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  13. Yes indeed and that was what had me worried a bit about you.
    Having ridden sehr sehr cranky very recently and absolutely done my nana to the point of seriously wanting to take a swing at someone, it ain't nice for your stress levels nor the potential aftermath...I realised that it was a result of dealing with that feeling of utter impotence that someone was friggin stupid and dangerous, they shrug it off and you're the one left to deal with what happened or nearly happened...:devil:
    Deep breaths...ohmmmmmmmmmmmm ohmmmmmm ah fcuk that time for another Stella me thinks!
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  14. jesus, glad yopu are ok and that the stupid cow didnt do any damage to your bike. (loved the family guy ref by the way). Good to know you made it home ok, enjoy your ride tomorrow.
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