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First Mountain Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by miicah, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. So after around three weeks of commuting and some pressure from the guy at work to go on a real ride, I decided to suit up today and head to Mt. Tamborine. This was basically my first real ride and I covered around 140km's, with a mix of mountain, highway and cruising.

    This was my route, starting from home and head down the M1 towards the Gold Coast. Turn off at Tambourine-Oxenford road and head up.


    The way up was a little average, roads weren't great and there was a lot of traffic. Some nice sweeping turns that I'm sure would be much better early in the morning without anyone else there.

    However once I got to the top and headed through town I guess I found the 'real' Mt. Tambo. Had an amazing ride down behind a Civic who was having as much fun as me; I nailed a few back to back corners and I don't think I've ever had a bigger smile on my face! I decided to turn around and ride back up, got stuck behind a Camry which ruined that :( All was saved on the way back though, literally no one in front of me and even got my photo snapped by some random photographer along the way.

    One 'moment' coming down, shifted from 3-2 and then from 2-1 at a tight left hand, except the bike hit a false netutral and when I noticed there was no power I stupidly decided to shift DOWN again.... Locked the rear, had a Marquez wobble, shit my pants and kept on my way. Of course I was only doing 40, not 120, but still impressed I managed not to crash!

    And topped it all off with a Yatla pie. Really makes me wish I had a GoPro, will be looking into one soon.

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  2. Well done, miicahmiicah

    In time, when you build up your touring distances, 140km may seem like a spin around the block.

    In the meantime, keep it rolling...
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  3. I rode over on my last bike, haven't had the chance on my new one yet. The roads are a bit crappy over the back but still fun.
  4. I've done that circuit as an early afternoon cruise, starting from waterford going through logan village on routhe 95. For your next jaunt I can highly recommend going down to Murwillumbah via the Numinbah Forest then back up the M1
  5. lol... the Marquez wobble, we all get them from time to time, a good adrenalin dump!
  6. Nice one mate! Next time give the back of the mountain a go. Head down through the Benobble valley into Beaudesert Nerang Road into Canungra and have a brew at the outpost cafe (bike friendly). Then head up the mountain on Tamborine Mountain Road heading north towards the summit. It is awesome with switchbacks and very few cars. Easy ride with great views out to your left as you climb. Great fun and takes about 3 hours round trip fromBrissy. Stay safe, Phil:)
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  7. Nicely done! Grew up on those roads. :D
  8. Good stuff. Well done. However, why did you need to go down to first gear? At 40km/h your second gear should have been low enough.
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  9. pretty sure he did it in error
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  10. Its hard to get a clear run over Tambo as always day-tripping cagers heading there and usually the po-po hiding in the bushes. Go earlier and you'll get blinded by the sun while trying to corner. Head over Beechmont or down Numinbah valley are better runs - less cars and more corners.
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  11. Hello miicahmiicah , welcome. That's a little nugget of wisdom hidden in there. From racers like Barry Sheene and Garry Nixon, when the gearbox gives you a neutral that wasn't part of your plans, always change up, the first change, get it into gear and functioning normally again, then change down or as required, but the first shift from a false neutral should always be up. Being a gear (or several) too high, is an inconvenience. Being a gear or several too low, can dump you on your head...
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  12. That sounds like so much fun!! It was a nice read :)
  13. Hey there miicah , don't worry Amigo .. only a minor stuff up to keep you on the ball. It's all a learning curve to make you show some respect to your motorcycle. As CaffeineMonster said, try the Numinbah run and go over the border down through Chillingham and Crystal Creek, then back up over Tomewin mountain. Just take it easy coming back over Tomewin if it's your first run over there . There's one particular " 30klm per hr " double that DOES MEAN it okay !!
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