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First motorbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by emil_io, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I've had my motorbike probationary license for about a year now, but have been getting around on a 125cc Kymco scooter (just clocked 14,000km). Anyway, I`m wanting to upgrade and get my first bike.

    I live and work in inner city Melbourne and mostly just use the bike to get around town and the suburbs and commute. I have about $3000 saved and was thinking of a Honda CB125E.

    Does anyone have any experience with this bike? Do you think it will be reliable? The Kymco has been super reliable and is easy to do basic maintenance on like oil change, spark plug, air filter etc. I'd want to be able to still do this stuff myself with the new bike.

    Is there anything else you would recommend I look at?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm guessing a lot of people will tell you at the step from a scooter to a 125 isn't worth doing, but if that's what your budget lets you do, it's still going to be a better and different riding experience..
  3. Stretch the budget a bit and go for a secondhand Honda VTR250, easy to ride, light, low seat, nice flexible engine. And it's a lot more highway/freeway capable than the CB125 if you want to get out of town on the weekend.
  4. Some people on here have had the CB125e and it seems reliable and good for getting around the city, but certainly the VTR250 could be the way to go if you want to spend some time on motorways.

    Also, if you put 14000 km on that scooter in a year, good work!
  5. Try a GSF250, I have one and it's a great bike.
  6. Hi all,

    Just wanting a bit of advice on a first bike. I have been riding for just over two years, on full license now, but I ride a 125cc Kymco scooter (don't laugh (n) ).

    Anyway, I'd really like to upgrade and move on to my first motorcycle. I've had a look around. I only wanted to spend around $5000.

    I really like the look of the Suzuki TU250X, and a brand new one is pretty much in my price bracket.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this bike?

    I ride everyday to work, most of my riding is around Melbourne CBD and suburbs, although would be nice once I get my bike to get out there a bit more and enjoy some longer rides.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. There are some pretty solid reasons for not buying new and there are lots of threads on the subject. If you must however, have a good look around there are lots of options. While you are looking don't overlook bikes that are 3k more than you want to spend, if you find a must have in that group just go find a low k second hand one for 5k.
    The used bike market is flooded with opportunities. Have a look around there are other retro nakeds.
  8. I have this bike. It is an excellent commuter. Is geared low, and comfortable to ride. Its top speed is about 120!! I have taken it on group rides, but tend to get left behind a bit on the straight stretches that go uphill, but then catch up on the twisties. It is comfortable to ride, and I have a givi box attached to the rear and also connect my heated jacket to it. It is very light weighing 150kg, and I get 340km to the 11 litre tank. For a commuting bike is good, for a weekend bike doing rides you may get left behind a little. Here is a tu250 riders forum where you can get more info. http://tu250riders.com/ Its also very easy to service and I don't get blown about on the freeway. Have a Ninja 250 which was a lot faster than this one but got blown about more. Also have dropped the bike twice, low speed and not a single scratch on it.