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First Mono

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. hey

    finally managed to get the front wheel up on me 600. tried rolling on the power a couple of times. was a bit scary so finally learnt how to clucth it . normally the front would come up about abt 6-7 inches but finally got some guts and and gave it a bit more throttle the otherday
    . front came up abt 3 feet . a bit scary but a lotta fun

    now i cant stop doing them . pretty much whenever i end up in a back street ,try and pop em all the time. bike prolly isnt loving it . i am tho . everyone ive told thinks im on a one way ticket to suicide.

    it dosent feel all that wierd now just insane amounts of fun

  2. CONGRATS! great feeling isnt it?
    r u popping it up in 1st or 2nd.
    i dont like doing it in 1st because it comes up way to quick - so easy to flip.
    Ill power wheelie in 1st because its a little more predictable
    2nd gear still trying to get the nack of it. I find im going a little quicker in 2nd but i only try every now and then when im - usually after watching the motogp or the like.
  3. Good on you!

    Doing your part to conserve front rubber, and point your exhausts at the ground instead of along the road into other vehicles airboxes - thereby reducing their economy and engine efficiency.

    This is the kind of due care for other motorists, love and sacrifice that is so rare on our roads.
  4. plus somebody needs to inspire the kiddies to get on motorbikes... its all a apart of evolution really.
  5. gotta respect that

    i do em in first gear that way i can do em at slower speeds and have a bit more engine braking.
    but then again havent really tried in second yet .
    im guessing it will be a faster wheelie ?? as in at higher speeds??
  6. Heh, well i managed my first wheelie on my zeal the other night! :LOL:
    Didnt think she could do it.

    Grats on the mono - keep practicing and you'll be as good as ghost rider soon enough :LOL:
  7. Congrats, csgup, we'll soon be downloading stunt videos of yours off youtube, keep it up... literally. :)

  8. i saw goshtrider 2 the other nite on his turbo busa popping monos at 320 ks .

    only one word to describe it .

  9. Yup. IN-SANE :shock:
  10. get an oil pickup from www.stuntex.com
    gixxers love to munch bearings

    i gather you're in wantirna. there's a few of us that dedicate all our spare time to being on one wheel. pm if you want to step up your game.
  11. the order link isnt working

    neother place i can get an oil pickup from?
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