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First mods on bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by PeterPorker80, May 22, 2013.

  1. So I'm about to begin modding my bike.

    People do different things with their bikes but I notice that most people start with the exhaust. I get that impression that this is a good starting point since for the cash outlay, you get the most noticeable difference.

    So what then after that?

    I used to cycle and when I first upgraded my push bike, instead of upgrading the group set or wheels, I upgraded the contact points eg handlebars, bar tape, seat, etc.

    Would that same logic apply? That is, do people then proceed to upgrade their grips or levers? The current ones are fine but I don't have a point of reference for 'better' ones.

    Perhaps mirrors or lights? Aesthetically and functionally, nothing's wrong with them.

    Any suggestions?
  2. air horn
  3. Yeah, good one. Cheap and practical.
  4. Careful, everyone here hate mods
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  5. But we love you goz....proof we don't hate ALL mods
  6. I found the best mod i have done, if you can even call it that, is those rubber pads on the side of the tank so you grip the bike like a limpit when you accelerate/brake. After that modding yourself and doing superbike school helped me loads, then pipes and all that shiz. I didnt do it that way round but would with what i know now.
  7. if you have the money, go crazy.
    if you have limited funds, ride the bike. find out what you dont like about the bike. fix said problem

    personally when i got on my Z, i realised i needed mirrors that would allow me to see if there was anyone behind/beside me, instead of if my arms were still attached.
    then when i went past my fiancee and she said that she didnt notice me until i was in front of her. i got a pipe.

    my mods, in rough order of aquirance...
    Givi top box rack
    bar end mirrors
    adjustable leavers (original wouldhave fouled on the mirrors)
    heated grips
    smoked tail light (for prettyness sake... )
    fender eliminator... again prettyness
    zx14 rear shock
    (soon) HID projectors
  8. I've done a bit of reading since my initial post. A few articles and threads on other forums suggest getting one's forks upgraded. Anyone done this?

    What kind of bar end mirrors did you get? Do you have a pic? I'm a Z800 so looks/coverage wise, I'm hoping it'd be similar.
  9. Your question is too open ended. What do you actually want to achieve mostly? Better performance or a unique look? How much money can you spare?
    E.g., you could spend a few thou just on wheels, is this realistic for you?
  10. Hmm. Fair point.

    Guess my question is open ended as I don't have any issues w/ my bike and I'm trying to hear about other people's experiences.

    I've got a small amount of money to play with (<$1k) and I was hoping to be surprised with an idea.
  11. For under a thousand you could get nice paint, or indicators-mirrors-hoses-rotors-levers-windscreen, a shock upgrade and rearsets.

    Depends on what bike you have, you can do other stuff like swap your forks, swingarm, tail and subframe.
  12. What do you use the bike for? To give you some ideas without knowing what you are after... to my bm I've fitted techspec tank pads as mentioned above.
    Pillion non slip pad,
    ventura rack,
    starcom intercom,
    raised the tail of the bike (for quicker tip in),
    tyre paint
    usb charger
    fitted a booster plug (motor runs richer)
    Magnetic sump plug
    Engine guards
    De stickered (if that counts)
  13. Best "mod" I've ever done - replace the stock tyres with decent ones (Rosso 2 for example).
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    on the stock bars, i had them attached to a set of R&G bar end sliders. mainly cause the stock bars are stupid and have a nut welded into the end of them... and not flush either.

    if your bar is the same, i still have the R&G bar ends lying around, i have since had the bars replaced with renthal as someone decided to run into me and bend the stock ones. im sure we can come to an agreement on a price (they weren't cheap to start with).

    picks below of the first (cheap) set of mirrors i had on. they were ok, but not exactly what i was looking for. the ones linked above are a little bigger and are a bit further away from your hand, these ones were too close.
    but they give a pretty good idea of how it looks.

    these pics were from the install of my pipe

  15. I've seen this bike in the flesh and can vouch that the few subtle mods done to it make a lot of difference - it looks way better than the standard Z.
  16. Very nice.

    I got the Akrapovic slip on too.

    Regarding the bar ends, I do think it's something I need to look at. My preference is still normal mirrors but at the same time, I don't want them sticking out past the handlebars. I'm going into the shop to have a look at their stock.

    Curious... how were the mirros above too close? Did you end up hitting accidentally?
  17. if i had my gloves on, and hands on the grips (as i do quite often) the above mirrors were around 10mm from my exaggerated knuckles.

    i dont think i ever hit them, but i defiantly brushed them putting my hand back on the bars (after say wiping visor or giving single finger hand signals) often enough to make it annoying.
  18. if your in the state/area, you are quite welcome to come around and have a squiz, i wouldn't mind having a look at the new baby Z myself :)
  19. Central Coast, ey? Maybe next time I do the Old Rd!
  20. As mentioned already, it all depends whether you want to make your ride more comfortable or hammer like a beast.

    Heated grips are great and cost about $150

    Techspec tank pads will have you sticking to the tank like baby shit on a wooly blanket...no more ball-crushing braking and they reduce vibration which can be murder on the knees after a few hours. About $70

    Braided brake lines will improve braking response and look horny to boot. About $180 depending on the brand and how many calipers you have.

    Sintered brake pads are a good investment and compliment braided lines. Reducing braking distance and improving the feel and responsiveness of your stops is definitely worth doing. Cost depends on brand and whether you buy a set for the rear...which isn't really necessary.

    A tinted double bubble screen is good depending on what kind of bike you ride. Eagle screens in Perth custom make screens for almost every bike there is and deliver for about $180.

    A fender eliminator will clean up the shitty factory look of your arse-end.

    A HID kit will make riding at night much safer and easier...they aren't strictly ADR compliant though and if you don't have projector lenses don't bother. Just get better globes. A 55w HID kit can be has for as little as $35.

    An alarm may reduce your insurance premiums and give you some extra peace of mind. A simple motion sensor-style alarm can be had for about $30 and simply connects to your battery (many have the option of connecting to the starter solenoid and doing remote starts too if that's your thing). And they go 'blip blip' when you press the fob :)

    Depends on what you're after and how much you want to spend I guess and whether you want to enhance the look, comfort, safety or performance of your bike.

    Hopefully some of that proves useful. Let us know what you end up doing :)