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First mod suggestion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Grant600RR, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. hey guys so i get to pick up my new ride next week!!!

    It already has a nice yoshi exhaust on it....

    what would you suggest for the first mod i do

    got about 1000 to spend at the moment
  2. A spare set of fairings???

    {sorry, it's just that, you know......}
  3. ha ha ha..... but seriously!

    thinking at the moment a K&N air filter, alarm and a new screen
  4. K&N
  5. yeah i am seriously considering that!!!!!!
  6. big mofo horn
  7. Bike have a fork brace? get one if not.
    SS brake lines? as above.
    Also buy something for comfort, maybe a different screen or grips.
    I like to spend money on handling and braking, I find that I can't rise as fast as the engine will allow most of the time!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Oggys
    DB/similar screen
    Air filter
    Braided brake lines
    Very very loud truck horn
    Ventura rack? :p
  9. Definately these, if it has a pipe finish the job properly. :twisted:
  10. decided!!!

    going with the k&n air filter, PC3 and dyno!!!!

    then when i got some more money ill get the bike looking better
  11. If you can squeeze it into the budget, and you should be able to, a 520 chain conversion with alloy rear sprocket, and +2T on the rear. It'll give you a nice acceleration boost as pretty much all road bikes are geared too tall. They're typically geared to reach their top speed after a 3km long straight-line drag, for which the last 10-15kph comes over the last 2km of distance. They're also geared tall for fuel efficiency reasons. Unless you envisage frequently doing absolute top-speed runs on very long stretches of straight road, adding a couple of teeth to the stock rear sprocket coupled with the reduced chain and sprocket mass, will make the bike feel like it's got an extra 5HP as it'll improve the HP over time equation.
  12. That's interesting Flux - that might be something I do to the track bike... :-k hmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Cheaper still.. simply go -1 on the front. Costs you <$30

    Has the same effect.
  14. Won't save you the nearly 1kg on the drive train though which a full 520 conversion will give, which is more important on the 600cc bikes for acceleration.
  15. I hear pazzo levers are nice. What about better tyres!