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First Major T-Rex upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Well, those sumitomos have to go - the way I'm riding the T-rex they're just not up to the job.

    Blue spots this weekend... well maybe gold spots if they have them.

    Bolt on 1000cc braking. Woohoo!

    Anyone wants the sumitomos can buy me a slab and take them :D

  2. Good stuff, aside from working a helluva lot better, they also look great.
  3. pffffft the cat has 1000cc braking standard.........
    that proves it...

    you get so much more with a four cheeky4.

  4. yay fours!
  5. #5 Dirty TRiX, Jul 13, 2007
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    Then why did you buy a single again?


    Anyway - his one seems to go alright :p

  6. I needed something to ride while I fixed the results of this little escapade
    (last two posts on page)
    The in sewer ants gave me the cat back, and paid for the SRX, and most of the VFR, so I ain't complaining, cos I had four cylinders and ended up with 5 more
    (not counting the GS850G basket case, that will become a mobility trike for injured and recuperating riders, which means a grand total of 13 cylinders, 8 wheels and 4 sets of handle bars :cool:)
    But we were talking about better brakes, weren't we??? :facepalm: I'm so confused
  7. Well, if you're talking brakes the TDM900 has the gold spots....
  8. Well, it probably took me an hour. Pics up after a test ride.
  9. Step 1: pick up the phone and ring the wreckers.

    Step 2: Do it again and get quoted LESS THAN HALF the price of wrecker no 1.

    Step 3:
    Score some calipers and take them home.


    Step 4:
    Bolt the calipers in place. They bolt straight up.
  10. Step 5:

    if you can, get some friends to "help" you bleed the brakes


    Step 6:

    Dont forget to wash off the brake fluid.

    Step 7:

    Finished product. Takes all of 7 bolts - 2 per caliper, 1 banjo bolt per caliper and a screw holding the brake fluid cap on.


    Took about an hour - most of that bleeding the brakes. Oh, the test rides took longer.....
  11. er incidentally what are the bolt centers on the caliper?
  12. Want to borrow some sumitomos (same size obviously) and try bolt them up?
  13. couldn't hurt to try.... :wink:
  14. Nice review on the upgrade mate. How are the stoppies coming along now?

    I dont think they were standard. I think the R1 was the only 1 pretty enough to get the gold spots out of the box.
  15. No stoppies. It's still too long (and the front Shinko is to gripless). it ocks the front before it lits as Black Magic can attest to.
  16. Well they're here for whenever you want them to try.
  17. Nice upgrade, and the TRX's are a nice unit also! As yours is!
  18. Thanks.

    I'd always wanted one, since they first came out.... I just needed a little help remembering it. Very glad I got it, and having a couple of things I can work on to make a bit better on it only adds to the appeal.