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First major road trip

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AshR1, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just thought this would be the place to put the word out for tips and info.

    Myself and a couple of friends are looking to do a trip to brisvagas from melbourne in feb next year.

    We've started on the route and headed up the east coast all the way to brisy then back down the middle.

    We're thinking of camping nearly all of the way (as it's going to be middle of summer so figured the weather should be nice and plenty of c/parks and national parks along the way.

    we've put up a blog http://www.chaoticbydesign.com/ to sort of track our progress in planning etc.

    I'm really after packing solutions (I have a tank bag and don't really want to take a backpack sides a camelback)

    Also any info on rides along the way or sites to check out would be awesome.

    Sorry to be an advertising whore but if you could add things on our site that'd be cool too (make us feel better with people following along :) )
  2. Hey mate,
    I was looking at your proposed route, And if i were you i wouldnt bother turning right towards hawk nest because the road between there and seal rocks is almost like a 4wd track. I used to live in forster and i reckon you stay on the highway till buladelah then take the lakes way (nice twisty road) all the way to forster. Also id stay over night in forster rather than taree, more to see and do, plus lots of places to camp. Chris
  3. hey thanks for that :)

    Local knowledge is soooo valuble in times like these.

    I'll update the map now while I remember
  4. Me and Stewy and MVrog, Blodders, Woodsy and WoodsyJR did a 2-week road trip to Brisneyland a year and a half ago. It was a f*ckin' ripper. Don't miss the Oxley, the Putty, the Waterfall Way, Macquarie Pass etc etc.
  5. yeha we're working on the trip now, keep an eye on the site we'll post more maps of plans where we're headed etc :)
  6. U guys taking helmet cams?...that would be interesting :)
  7. no helmet cams as yet, but I do have a "head mount cam" I'm looking to mount on the bike somewhere as it chews AA batts like they're going out of fasion.

    and plugs into a video camera, so if I power the cam from the batt then have the camera in the "boot" will be able to record from that :)
  8. Ash you could possibly get one of the leccy guys hereabouts to wire you up a small transformer to drop the 12v bike down to whatever voltage you require to run the camera and do away with the AA's all together. Might actually be do-able without much in the way of DIY, depending on 12v phone adapters available, that output at a lower voltage. It would be worth a look...
  9. yeah it actually runs on 8AA = 12v :) so that works out well, just wire one to +ve and the other to ground and I'm apples :)

    I'll probably do a write up when I get around to attaching the camera to the bike, have to find a good mounting position etc