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First Major near death experience.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone, just thought Id share my near death experience with you all that happened on Sunday afternoon.
    I was travelling down the Eastern heading to ringwood following my friend in a car. Sitting quite happy behind him doing 100k.
    A few cars in front on the right hand lane I noticed a beat up old bomb of a car pulling aheavily loaded trailer with furniture on the back.
    It started to wobble a litle then like a flash it jacknifed and shot accross 3 lanes to the left pulling the car backwards all the way up the embankment.
    Now that scared me a fair bit as I had to watch all cars in all lanes quickly move to avoid it so it was like mario kart when you get one of those shells on the road. That was bad but then as the car stopped at the top of the embankment the trailer detached itself then started freewhelling down the embankment accross the traffic. Now sods luck it comes to a halt in my lane and I had nowhere to go as cages are swerving everywhere to avoid it so I slammed on the anchors and slid about 20m then the bike went into dirt bike side slide and then i came to a stop a few metres from the trailer. I shut my eyes waiting to be runover by cars who couldnt stop in time but I was really lucky nobody slammed into the back of me. My freind had parked up and was running up the freeway to find me as he though Id splatted into the trailer as I had not swerved around it. My visor was all fogged up so it was like the bright light leading me to gods waiting room.
    It was all good Id stopped in enough time not dropped the bike and the engine was still running as Id held the clutch in.
    SO Ive had my bike 13 days and left some sole in Wonthaggi and done an amazing emergency stop in 4 lanes of busy traffic and avoided a near death crash. Scraped my other boot sole all down the eastern now too.

    So its my welcome to the world of motorbikes. I gained alot of experience in a short time and Im glad to be still here . I hurt my neck alittle but that didnt appear until today. All is well and Im pleased with my performance in a wacked out situation.
    See you all soon...

  2. Welcome to riding. Nice work not dropping it!
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: hahahaha classic analogy

    :shock: based on your description i have no idea how you kept it upright, good work!
  4. well done indeed!
  5. damnit. you bet me to it!!!

    nice way of testing the breaks you have there stookie! good on you for keeping the clutch in too.
  6. Sounds like your reflexes kicked in just in time and Mr Honda's brakes did what they were designed to do. A great result all-round, and another notch in the experience belt. You're still with us, and it's all good!
  7. [quote

    :shock: based on your description i have no idea how you kept it upright, good work![/quote]

    I used my left boot to stabalise my slide.....NOT the correct thing to do as I learned on saturdays learner ride but in a situation like that my foot seems to have different ideas. Lucky I guess. I be needing some new boots soon if this keeps up.
  8. Bloody hell.
    Well done, and good luck cleaning your pants!

    Did any cars hit each other?
  9. glad to hear you and the bike are still in one piece. Hope you called the cops and reported the car and trailer though

    cheers stewy
  10. Stook my man... hoorah on the impressive stop 8) , bet those peddels were scraping this time on your low rider :D .

    It was amazing, i didn't even see who posted it before i read it, and then i realised it was you (and then remembered the saturday ride :) ).

    Good to hear you haven't scratched that nice paint job of yours.

    New boots it better than new bike ;) .
  11. the brakes are nothing flash on the vt250c nor most other cruisers, its the fact they have those raked out forks that make it a very forgiving bike and helped you keep it upright an an emergency stop.
  12. LOL!! Stookie that's sounds absolutely terrifying, but you somehow make it hilarious at the same time!!

    They should make the sole of boots out of old tyre treads!
  13. Good work Stookie - very impressive!!

  14. Glad to hear you are ok mate. :) You certainly had an interesting weekend, getting lost on the way home Saturday night and now this!! :?

    :D :D
  15. The gods were with you on this Stookie.

    People, it is funny now that it is over, but dont laugh too hard. This could have gone any way and it is pure luck that he made it..... Heed this instance well all... Heed it well.

    Stookie, if you need to chat, give me a call 0418965034

    It was luck people pure and simple... No matter how good or bad you are, this type of accident where a vehicle is 100% out of control is just a game of dice.

    Glad you made it Stookie, glad you made it
  16. Nice work mate!!! It's valuable lesson!!!
    But this part :
    "My visor was all fogged up so it was like the bright light leading me to gods waiting room. "
    I don't think that you're such an angel! :LOL:
  17. well done stookie! you pulled a real stunt job there!

    i assume cause it was an emergency that you locked both brakes? cause the rear locked you started the sideways slide? and cause you hit the front you would've low sided had you not put your foot down? i'm just interested in the dynamics of it.....

    great work though!
  18. Good point livingstone.... good point

    Stookie, you mentioned the Sunday ride and the incident. In both cases you mentioned putting your foot down to slow down..... Please explain this in more detail.....

    When panic stopping always put lots of pressure on the front brake and some pressure on the bake break. the fact that you "slid" does imply that the back was locked - but this is not always a bad thing as long as you keep the front planted......
  19. good work there, ride safe!
  20. I have a 'near death experience' every-time I go on a NetRide!