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First long Trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cotso, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Gday all, going on my first long trip, Melbourne to Gold Coast, on my 900 Hornet. taking our time , going in 3-4 weeks, Can't wait, play it by the weather YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. Man that sounds amazingly fun - I'd love to have the time to do it.

    Over how many days?
  3. I have very fond memories of the pipers rest in tenterfield for an overnight stop, about 20 years ago now so it may have changed a little..
  4. I hope you have enough time to enjoy your aqdventure. Suggest you plan a route that keeps you off most motorways and major roads with cameras. Buy or borrow a copy of the Hema Australian Motorcycle Atlas by Peter Thoeming - it contains many excellent low-traffic ride routes that often can be linked together to keep you going in the the direction of your destination. Avoid going anywhere near Sydney unless you just skirt the edges with Bells Line of road to link up with the Putty Road.

    There are far too many good options to mention them all. Just avoid the Hume, Pacific and New England highways where possible. Country towns and their pubs are often good value for overnight stops. Stay safe and enjoy the ride. :beer:
  5. Gday BitSar,Playing it by the weather, But hope to be back in two weeks,. Going up to see the olds, haven't seen them for 6 years,one good thing about getting older and the kids grown up, you get time, and your running outa time, if you know what i mean
  6. Cheers shekel, going straight up the guts, to get up there as quick n safe as possible, see the folks for a day or two then take our time coming home whatever way we feel like going. we both have mates all over the place so who knows where we end up.
  7. As I just posted with Stuh, if you're near Wollongong and need a place to stay, you're welcome here :)
  8. Sounds like a plan......what's you're ride?

    Post a picture of your bike all loaded up before you head off (y)
  9. Cheers hornet,Very kind of you. if we buzz by will let you know. It's a mystery as to where we'll be going.But thanks again
  10. Gday Bitsar. will post pics of the 919 Hornet all loaded, Made a full fairing for it, have fitted a Ipod and a GPS ,looking forward to it,
  11. Have fun stay warm take care,and i know exactly what you mean.