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first long solo ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cotso, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Just returned from my first long solo, Melbourne to Brisbane via newel, returned down through Sydney.longest one day ride was 780 klms, did it on my 900 Honda Hornet. the bike never missed a beat, was comfortable enough with my airhawk seat,averaged about 19 klms per litre,and the only FAAARK ME the whole trip was a semi trailer flung a lump of retread at me, luckily i smelt burning rubber first and moved over into the next lane


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  2. cool.

    so 3 days from Brisbane to Adelaide then you reckon?

    How'd you pull up after those long days? Tired? Buggered? Happy?
  3. yep a trifector,all the above,supprised how the k's ticked over,3 days to Adelaide !!!! i suppose, I just let my my day pan out as i felt, for safety reasons.I was going to allow 4 days. The Newel is not as boring as i thought it would be, much better roads than they were last time i used it(20 years ago). I liked to be off the road by late afternoon before the wildlife started to move about , early morning also i kept a close watch on the roadside. Stayed walking distance to a pub and had a counter tea, and by my third beer i was falling asleep.Was good to do it, already have plans to do it again early next year with a mate, always more fun with company.
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