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First long road trip :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Oscar33, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all
    I'm going on my first long trip from where i live in Karingal up to Bendigo then onto Castlemain, this will be the longest trip i've taken on the bike from point to point any tips or stories you can share?

  2. Take the winding roads. :)

    More seriously, stop every 100kms or so and walk around. Drink water etc. Check your chain lubrication and tension, oil levels, tyre pressures etc before you set out.

    That's the boring responsible stuff then Have fun!
  3. Hydration for you and the bike!
    Take some wet wipes (KFC towles etc) for your visor.
    Make sure bike is fit for the ride and the same for you.
    Relax and have fun :LOL:
  4. stop every hour and have a stretch.
  5. How far is that ? sorry not familiar with that area .
  6. like other have said if the bike is in good order take the twistie roads and enjoy, it's really that simple :wink:
  7. tis ok I found it, its about 240klms.
  8. thats a morning ride :LOL:
  9. Well its a paper run for some but everyone has to start somewhere and I am always happy to see people riding out someplace rather than just hanging about the local coffee shop.

    My problem was I couldn't find his start location until I realised it was Frankston area.
  10. Have a full tank of fuel when you leave...and plan any fuel stops.
    For me...fuel stops interrupt my riding...so they are only done when needed. somewhere between 300 & 400 km. :wink:
  11. Just make sure eveything is fit (you and bike).

    My first real trip was down great ocean road. I got 450km that day. Left at 8am and got back at 4pm. I had plenty of tiny stops along the way.
  12. i recently took my first long ride, 1000+ k's over 2 days, 700k's on the route from canberra to melbourne in a day, i had one SORE arse after that.

    just take breaks as regularly as you feel lke it. make sure you dont ser a time LIMIT. have guides of how long you want to take, but if you feel you need an extra break, take it.