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First long ride!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ~DadAgain~, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Got away yesterday to join a group ride and do something more than the daily commute - I joined the QMRF riders and had a blast!

    I rocked up to the carseldine servo at 8:30am and slotted the ZZR in amongst the bigger machines. A few introductions and bit of a chat and eventually we went on our way. We had a group of about 20 bikes to start off with and we roared through Dayboro and climbed up the twisties of Mt Mee. The pace was fair and controlled and I didnt feel at all uncomfortable (all though there were of course some corners where I was a bit ':shock:') - concentrating like a madmad wishing I'd braked a little harder before the corner, looking through the corner and pushing down on the bars to get down on a lean.

    We pulled up for morning tea at Woodford and met the other group who came from Ipwsich - bringing our group size to around 40! Again we pulled off and made our way through the Sunshine coast hinterland.

    I had one moment where at a stop sign on a hill I completely failed to start (stalled twice) - and then eventually chugged up the hill REALLY slowly - nearly stalling... Turns out I'd performed an aggressive hill start in 2nd gear - not something the 250cc engine thanked me for! :oops:

    Lunch at Bellbird Cafe Kenilworth was good but a little slow since nobody had warned them we were coming, so they were a little overwhelmed for a while! Was good to see the lawn in front of the cafe covered in bikes.

    Our return journey was good with more hilly twistie bits - punctated by a number of stops to regroup and at woodford the group split again until there were just a handful of us going back over Mt Mee just as the daylight ended (I had to BEG people to leave the cafe in Woodford so we werent going over the mountain in the dark!). On the top of the mountain I had one very scarey moment when my front wheel slid out from under me briefly on a left hander but I regained composure and avoided the certain death that would've awaited me had I gone down!

    I got home exhausted and deafened (As a few people were happy to point out my bike is F*&king loud!) - It had been a 320km day :grin: :grin:

    This morning my commute was smoother... Gear changes were so much smoother, acceleration off from a standing start was much cleaner and my corners are just *SOOO* much more controlled.

    Any other newbies out there nervous about doing a big rider - DO IT! You'll love it and your riding will improve noticably!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. So is this actually your third long ride? :LOL: :p

    (triple post)
  3. oops - major connectivity problems this morning!

    tripple post corrected!!! - and no - I didnt do 900km going over Mt Mee 6 times yesterday! :LOL:
  4. I thought you said when you joined you were only getting a bike for commuting :LOL: they suck you in with cheaper to run, but before you know it your using 3 x the amount of fuel more tyres etc etc....but geez it's good fun eh :wink:
  5. awesome. well done mate. i noticed my riding improved alot once i started riding with others and not just the commute by myself. And the zzr is a great forgiving bike :) perfect to learn on. you'll love it in the twisty bits. until you get used to the power and feel like you want more :p
  6. yeah well... theres a lot of domestic politics to play! and the 'cheap efficient commuter' argument carries a LOT more weight than "Hey honey - I just wanna go fling myself around some corners at near lethal speeds with a bunch of mates - mind if I redirect some homeloan money to the cause?"
  7. Top work on the first big ride!

    You can get away without earplugs for a suburban commute, but they really make a big difference to your comfort & fatigue levels for longer/faster rides. Just try some foam cheapies next time, it feels a bit strange at first but you get used to them quickly.
  8. Screw the earplugs, imo just chuck ya ipod in play eye of the tiger on repeat, max volume of course...
  9. Eye of the Tiger? - That track was 8 years old when you were born! (Still it *is* a goodie :grin: )...

    Anyway - powering up an iPod to save your ears from engine noise is a bit like cutting off your leg to stop your feet itching... obviously nonsense.

    Having spent many hours of my younger days partially deaf from live music environments I'll heed this warning and make sure I plug my ears before heading out for any lengthy ride again!
  10. ahh but ipoding can make you faster if youve got the right track. on a bit of road that i know im noticably quicker with a bit of digitalism pumping through the earbuds
  11. Yeah, well noobrider you would say that with your 18 year old near perfect hearing. Your time will come, and you will regret taking that approach. That is, if the music doesn't distract you at a critical moment, and you don't make that one fast corner.

    DA, do a little research and find some good earplugs. I like and use the custom molded ones, but bell shaped foam ones work really well, are comfortable, and block lots of sound, but don't spoil the "note" of your bike.

    Long rides with mates are great. I just did the Icicle Ride in Melbourne. ~365 Km, in the dark (midnight to dawn), cold, rain, through tight wet twisties in Gippsland. Great fun, and what a challenge!