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First Long Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the-fil, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Went for my first long ride today heading towards the mountains and megalong road. My mate came along. Managed to rack up 260kms round-trip. Fun times were had by all! (except my balls! :shock: )

    Taking full advantage of the lack of rain...but it wasnt too far off.

    Its a sign...

  2. Nice photos.
  3. Didn't you say a long ride??
  4. i was thinking the same thing tweet, but then again most L platers concider their first 50km commute to be a long ride :LOL:
  5. you didnt buy that across off a bloke called russ did ya?

    those photos taken up around lithgow?

    nice going, but as you will find as you ride more, 260kms is a really short day. all part of learning but mate :)
  6. From ye old Hey Hey "why are people so unkind" :LOL:

    19yrs old and L plates on probably his first bike. A 260klm ride needs encouraging. Sure its not long to many of us but I recall my first ride of 20 MILES in Wollongong back in the ice age and it certainly felt like a long ride.

    Good on you for getting out there, pics are great.

    Edited to add, best bike shots are when you get down level with the bike to shoot. Yours are well done with interesting background. Most people are too lazy to bend or kneel and just stand and shoot.
  7. Very Nice Pics !
    Well done on your first 'longest' ride ..
    ( that'll shut em up ) :p :p
  8. Ditto all round, expect for the pharisee comments :evil:

    And great photography too!!
  9. Nice photos! I'll be another to say good on ya for getting out there. 260kms is a fair way the first time you do it, so good effort. Enjoy the riding! :grin:
  10. 260km is a moderate ride on an Accross... But I feel for your mate on the NSR, that would be tourture on that little buzz box.

    Nice pics BTW
  11. 260k's is a decent ride, when you are first starting out!...well done!

    It varies depending on rider, but generally speaking, any longer ride and your concentration can start to wander as you tire out mentally...you start making judgement errors and can put yourself at risk too easily.
  12. Thanks for the photo compliments and encouragement (when given :p)
    I didn't actually take the photos. The camera I brought ended up dying on me, my mate took them with his phone.

    But yeah, might not be, technically, a long ride, but it was the longest we'd ridden so far. I intend to do some more, slowly getting the distance longer and longer, and then maybe I can come back and say I did 1000km's :LOL: would that be more satisfactory?

    idontlikemondays: Nah, bought it off my mate Pat. Photos were taken around Blackheath, didn't go as far as Lithgow....this time :grin:

    Davo: Naw, I get the whole 'runnin in the newbie' deal, its alright, makes me want to ride more, not that I need any encouraging to do that either!
    Thanks for the compliments! I think if that shot were any lower it would change the amount of depth in the photo. I think I like it the way it was shot, it kind of gives the 'F*ck yeah! I jest went down that on these tiny things!' feeling. But I do agree bikes look better from a lower angle.

    FALCON-LORD: I can imagine... Do all 2 strokes vibrate that much? The NSR is the only one I've actually ridden.

    raven: On the way back on the M4 I got so bored doing 80 (on a 110 zone! Bloody L's!) I started singing some Bon Jovi to stave off the boredom :LOL:
  13. 260kms is a long day for a new rider.

    Well done for getting out there, nothing better than cruising around with a mate.