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First long ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matt7168, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Had the BMW G650GS now for a few months and clocked up about 2500km in short city commutes. Longest trip so far about 20km in quite heavy Sydney traffic.

    Going to head on longer ride soon, a trip of around 120km each way. Have the choice between 110km/hr freeway for most of it or 100km/hr back roads.

    Any tips for my first "long" ride? Bike range is about 250km+ on a tank of fuel so will fill up before leaving and before heading back.

  2. You won't learn anything of any use on the freeway: take the backroads...
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  3. I would choose back roads with twists and something to see rather than freeway. Riding on the freeway is like sitting on a bus IMHO. Roughly plan your ride maybe choose a few spots you'd like to check out, 240 klms is not a huge distance by any means but it's a good stepping stone and a good opportunity to practise and improve your cornering lines.
    Anyway have a good one and enjoy (y)
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  4. Thinking back to my early years riding, these kind of trips were great adventures. They were also bigger steps than I realised at the time. Give yourself time to adapt and don't push too hard, just relax and enjoy.
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  5. Leave yourself plenty of time and if all goes well take a break every hour or so. If you start to feel hot/cold/tired take a break more often.

    While the distance isn't great, if you aren't used to riding that far it may be tiring.

    If you haven't ridden that far in one go before your fuel economy may be different to short trips. Probably you will get better economy but just in case, again be conservative and fill early until you see how it performs.

    If the trip takes more than a couple of hours don't forget a drink and a meal/snack.
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  6. Yip, as stated before - plan you trip with frequent stops to drink some coffee etc to make sure you build up your 'saddle time but'.

    Mentally can be quite tiring in the beginning. Take it easy
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  7. Take note of the weather too in case you find yourself under prepared. Have fun and stay safe.
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  8. Good advice here! I'm a bout to go on my first decent ride in the weekend too, cant wait!!!
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  9. My experience with freeways; is they teach you to be aware of traffic around you, as well as, keeping a space cushion, merging and lane changes.

    I would take the twisty road one way and freeway the other.
    A well rounded learning opportunity, IMHO.

    Good luck Matt7168Matt7168

    p.s Your bike will handle well groomed dirt roads quite easily , but you may not be ready for that, just yet.
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  10. I'm also new to riding, but have done a few long(ish) trips of around 180km each way. What I noticed while riding these distances is how tiring it can be. Holding on to the bars for dear life at what feels warp speed can take it out of you. After a while though you get used to it and begin to relax. Then it becomes much easier and I'm guessing it's how the more experienced riders manage to get 1000km days without collapsing in a zombie like state at the end.

    Also be prepared for a numb a**e at some point. Maybe it's my bike (GS500), the seat, my riding position or all of the above but on the way home it was a bit tender. I found that lifting up off the seat a bit helped and squirming around also helped.

    Lastly...bugs. Be prepared for lots of bugs ending their lives a mere cm or two away from your face. Not so bad with the little ones, but I swear I hit a pelican sized beast that still has bits wedged in my visor :eek:

    You'll love the ride (if haven't been on it yet) no matter which route you take. There's nothing more fun than being on the road on a good bike, enjoying the scenery, smells, sounds and delights of being outside. Take care and remember to relax, rest the butt and enjoy :)
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  11. Thanks all so much for the advice. Trip was so much fun. Went back roads one way and freeway the other as suggested to experience both. Very enjoyable, took it very easy. Stopped for 10min in the middle of each trip and stretched the legs. Lower back got a bit sore. The butt wasn't too bad. I have an Airhawk cushion on the seat and it makes it a lot more comfortable.

    Only thing that really surprised me was the wind buffeting on the freeway. That took a bit of getting used to.

    Looking forward to the next one

    Thanks again.

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