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First long Ride- Jervis Bay

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by PeteH80, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, so please move if i have posted in the wrong spot


    I am starting to think about and plan my first big road trip at the end of April. It will be during the Easter long weekend. I know its a shit time to travel, double demerits and all that, but the reason why is....

    My family has a holiday cottage at Jervis Bay and my grandfather usually goes to the dawn service at the naval base down there for Anzac day, so i am going to go this year and join him. Hes 87yo and i havent been to a service with him. i think it would be really special.

    I have taken the rest of the week off work so i can stay a few extra nights if needed to avoid the crowds.

    Im hoping to have my new bike by then (if someone will hurry up and buy my current bike) and have sold my car as well.

    I am only on my red P's at the moment though so a little apprehensive about the freeway riding as i will be limited to 90kmh.

    I thought this would be a good road trip as i know the roads, as i have been down there pretty much all my life.

    I am planning on spending at least 2 or 3 nights there so want to go cruising some of the roads there as well. Depending on the weather of course.

    Will have a Ventura rack on my bike so that will be it for luggage as such, maybe a backpack or my tank bag as well for smaller items.

    I am in the group buy for a Gopro as well so will be taking some vids on the way down and during as well.

    Anyone got any tips? Anything i should be aware of on longer rides? should i give long rides a miss until i get my full license?
  2. Just plan your breaks, don't wait till you are feeling tired, too late then. Every hour or 80km should be fine for your first longer trip.

    I grew up down there. Not a whole lot of great roads for cruising but here are a couple:
    • Road from Albatross to Nerriga pub is now sealed :)
    • Forest road (I think it is called) the road from Cnr Princess H'way/BTU road through to Currarong is a really nice road, low traffic, good sweepers and good scenery when you get to the end.
    Otherwise obviously there are loops from there up into the southern highlands via Kangaroo valley etc.

    Heading south on the Princess H'way Tomerong-Mollymook sucks but again good roads once you head inland from Batemans Bay into Braidwood, backroads to Goulburn/Southern Highlands and then loop back through Kangroo Valley.

    Enjoy the trip. Easter and Anzac day will be full of terrorists but should be nice after that, water shoudl still be warm rnough for swimming also. Have a beer at Husky pub for me ;)

    Cheers, Burnesy
  3. i did that on my tw200 so wasn't much more than 90kms most of the time. was great fun!! took way to many detours tho and took most of the day on the way down!
  4. Don't ride the freeways; simple.

    You don't say where you are starting out from, so here's a couple of alternatives.

    If you are in the Sutherland Shire or somewhere on the east side of, say, Bankstown, head down to Sutherland, then highway it to Waterfall and leave the freeway just as it starts and head down the old Princes Highway, through Helensburgh, coming out at the top of Bulli Pass.

    Head down Mount Ousley (watching out for the usual homicidal Wollongong motorists) and follow the Princes Highway for the rest of the journey, Albion Park Rail, Kiama, Nowra, etc etc....

    If you're coming from the wild west, then head out to Penrith, down through Mulgoa, Silverdale and The Oaks onto the Picton Road at Picton. Left onto the Picton Road and right almost straight away to head to Wollongong, then near the 'Gong take the right turn onto the Mount Kiera road and wind down to meet the main road in Wollongong at West Wollongong, join the highway there and the rest is easy.

    May I remind you that a young Netrider who had not even ridden from Wollongong to Sydney rode with me to Melbourne many years ago, 15+ hours in one trip, including rain and wind; don't set your sights too low, eh?
  5. I agree with all that except the Mt Keira Road bit. It is a prick of a road and the surface is rubbish at the moment. I'd give it a miss.
  6. I will be heading from Petersham.

    I would usually go down the freeway and turn off at picton road.

    Im thinking maybe make a day of the trip down, well maybe not a day, but a longer ride.

    Im thinking maybe i could head down to wollongong through the national park. then head down from there.

    That depends on the weather though obviously.