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First long-ish ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ztrain, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    Today I went on my first "longer ride" since getting my L's. I thought it was a small milestone for me so I thought I'd share. My mate and I headed up North Rd in Oakleigh and continued up Wellington Rd. Then took a wrong turn but still ended up on Dandy Tourist Rd. As it was my first big ride on the open road I took it nice and easy through corners practicing dropping my shoulder to help lean into corners. Ended up riding through Sassafras, Olinda and Emerald. Ticked hitting 100kms off the list as well for the first time.

    All in all I feel a lot more confident with general riding, particularly cruising on 80kms. Rode a total of 95km for the 4 hours we were out on the road. Was absolutely stuffed this arvo! Can't wait to do it again!

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  2. Great stuff, these early milestones make for great memories in the future!
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  3. First use of my gopro, didn't get the angle quite right but thats ztrain in front most of the time. Mounted it to his tank for the last half of the ride.

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  4. Excellent work!! Can't watch the vid (blocked at work) but will check it out soon.

    First big rides are simply awesome. Gets to a point where you've literally doubled your time in the saddle in a single trip :D
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  5. Excellent work...

    I still have awesome memories of my first big ride (& group ride). After about 400 kms (door to door), it was hard to wipe the grin off my face days to come. :)
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  6. Good on you :). Once you get to the open road and twisties, it is easy to clock up the kilometers while you focus on the ride.
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  7. Going the twisties also helps reduce numb bum syndrome so you can ride longer without wishing for a more comfortable seat.
  8. :riding: Thanks for the story share. Good on yah.
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  9. My first big ride was with a group of about 85 bikes altogether - full day ride, and about 300km all up. For some reason I was much more brave on the bike than I am now (still trying to work out why that's changed - whole different story in that), and was apparently leaning over much further on my little single-cylinder 250 than the others with years of experience under their belt - when we stopped everyone was like "who's the learner?!" - these days I'm always last in the pack, rather than up near the front, but would still trade a month of solitary riding for a single group ride like that any day.
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  10. Enjoyed watching, thanks for that! Nice pass across the solid white line! he-he!