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First long distance ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by outtalive, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. This sunday a few of my buddies are heading down to Phillip Island as a kind of post-exam fling. Unlucky for me I have my final exam on Monday and so will head over that afternoon to meet them. Given that I'm gonna be on my own I'm toying with the idea of riding down (weather permitting) so I just wanted to ask you guys for some advice on a trip of this distance. No doubt many of you have tackled this ride to catch the GP but for a learner that's just been commuting for the past few weeks it seems a little daunting.

    A quick check of citysearch suggested that the most direct route would be via the south eastern then on to the gippsland hwy etc.
    Is this an easy enough ride, provided I make sure to stop and rest regularly and keep the snacks and fluids up?
  2. According to nowwhereroute.com it is about 132 kilometres and about 2 hours of riding from Kew to Phillip Island. You shouldn't have too many problems but you might find your arse and throttle hand start to get a little numb. From memory the roads are reasonably smooth so fatigue shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    So just listen to what you body is telling you and respond accordingly. But make sure you aren't too worn out from your exam and the studying the night before.

    Also see if your mates can take most of your stuff down with them in the car on the Sunday, that should make your ride more enjoyable.
  3. PI?
    down the freeway to the STh Gippy and off ya go....
    to the Bass hwy to PI
    the road is 2 lanes for a fair way
    but has a few strange spots
    watch the ridges in the surface down near LangLang
    there are a few long boring stretches
    side winds can be a bit of an issue
    do not speed thru Tooradin or down near the Giant Earthworm
    (poleeecemen with cameras :( )
    watch the roundabout at Anderson as you turn right
    gravel can be a problem....

    and I will be at PI on Monday making vroom vroom noises...
    going FAST at a Superbike track day at the motorracing circuit!

    have a safe one...

  4. If you are inexperienced with longish rides I'd make a suggestion - watch out for boredom!

    It's easy to let your mind wander and not pay attention to what is going on around you, like that car three ahead that just hit his brakes, the truck that rolled into the lane from a side road etc....

    Keep focused and aware at all times and take regular breaks to refresh yourself.
  5. i think the worst thing about that ride will be the boredom. try taking a slightly more exciting route to sth gippy hwy, the less hwy work you have to do, the better.

    other than that, you do have the right idea, you're not riding with other ppls so there's no need to feel pressured. just ride until you start feeling a bit tired, and take a break when you do. you will find its no-where near as bad as you imagine, i think nothing of a 400-500km round trip now.

    what are you riding? cos that will make a huuuge difference too. on a sports bike, you'll have a sore ass and aching wrists in that time where on more of a sports tourer (like mine) a couple of hundred kays is a walk in the park....
  6. I commuted ti PI & back to Cranny each of the 3 days of the GP and feel it's a good ride to build confidence! Corners are sweepers so not too challenging! Observe speed limits everywhere cause the Toggies look for bikes! Stops beyond Tooradin are sparse take care at the Shell garage intersection at Lang Lang it's a known black spot, agree with the roundabout can be tricky also the right hand sweeper after it has claimed a few!
  7. aaah yes Sue
    forgot the RH sweeper just over the hill..damn
    thanks for pointing that one out......
    I have seen it take 2 riders into its clutches in the last 3 years
    on GPruns (none thankfully this year)

    guess that reinforces the point
    to concentrate on the road ahead
    and look where you want to go (NOT look where you are going)


  8. I too will be crackin the throttle on monday with Steve and the boys at superbike school. What sort of bike should I be on the look out for Ismith???


    Matt Black VTR1000. Microns, polished rims, crap rider. :?
  9. I'll be rattling along on an '88 GPX 250 (black with red decals) so might see you guys about. by the way, any word that the weather is gonna hold out over the monday and tuesday?
  10. How did the ride go?