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First little test run on the open roads

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 87crisis, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So in response to my planning of a Syd to Melbourne trip I decided to do a run from penrith down to narooma, I'm currently on phone so will reply further details in day or so once home - first lessons learned tho, never rely solely on a tinted visor those dark country roads are a biatch at night on $1.25 area and secondly.... Long distance shit is painfullllll Will try and get some more pics to upload from ride back... Bed is callin me !

  2. have planned alot of stops along the way?
  3. I will be now.... Stopped off about 5 times for smoke breaks and to stretch the legs, towards the end tho with the cold setting in I simply hugged the crap out of the bike and wrung it's neck...it was a great ride and now I have I taste I know what to expect to some extent which is good
  4. yeahhh...back home now...got a couple of pics...was meant to hook up with the neighbour of me father for a ride with a few guys he knows but alas it wasn't meant to be...was abit overcast so figured it was best off just leaving at about ten am area...go home at bout 5pm...after getting abit lost around liverpool/hoxton park and pulling in to ask for directions and whilst pulling into a shop carpark to ask for directions (ty to roadworks and loose gravel i've dropped my bike !!) so broken clutch handle end, slightly bent gear lever..and BROKEN ****ING BLINKER...a week after i finally pulled my finger out and got it fixed....me being a newb and not knowing shit..tried starting her about 5 mins after standing her upright...wouldn't happen...so i ended up droppin her into first and wringing her neck while pushin the ignition button and sure enough she started up after about 20 seconds (do understand saying i was furious after this happening at the end of 900kms over past 2 days with a majority of over 100 on country roads...is an understatement)...not sure if her being on her side has done any harm with me starting her up straight away yet...any advice on how to check this out or any precautionary work i can do? as i figure if a $500 250cc bike can get me 900k's without incident she's worth saving if there is gonna be a issue
  5. oh....and...first taste of open road...HEAVEN...my neck is sore from the weight of the helmet and nodding to other riders....i'm now a few drinks down and busy bickering with my fiance' all in jest tho but.. ....do excuse me...but... just putting it out there...cheers to the nods for all the riders i seen...(couldn't help but remember one of the NR members signature's and hear myself laugh inside my helmet - "why didn't he nod?")..